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Useful information on Independent Living

We provide up to date and useful information on topics relating to living an independent lifestyle, being a Blue Badge holder, mobility and travel. If you have any feedback on comments on our information pages, please let us know:

 Useful Information Pages 

Accessible Holidays

Congestion Charge

Entertainment and Travel

Blue Badge Regulations

Blue Badge Wallets

Carer's Allowance

Using Your Permit Abroad

Blue Badge Application

Bridges and Tolls


Personal Independence Payment

Rights and Responsibilities with Blue Badge Permit

Blue Badge Reform

Blue Badge Scheme

Using your blue badge permit Cover

Blue Badge Co Parking Timer Clocks

Managing Incontinence

Mobility Vehicles

Working Tax Credit

Choosing and using dressing aids

Pill Box Instructions

Car Adaptations

VAT Exemption Explained

Choosing a walking aid image

Measuring for a walking stick

Using Your Walking Stick

How to Choose a rollator

Managing Blood Pressure

Choosing and using dressing aids

Checking your feet

How to Use a wheat warmer

How heat therapy can help with pain relief

Details on Blue Badge Co manufacturing Services

Link to information on personalising a lap tray

Link to information on Blue Badge and Brexit

Information on Car Stickers and why you might use one