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Choosing the Right Length of Shoehorn

The humble shoehorn has been a useful, dressing accessory for hundreds of years and continues to be so today. The dual purpose of the shoehorn is to aid the user to more easily put on their shoes and to protect the integrity of the heel of the shoe.

Many people use shoehorns every day and there are a variety to choose from. 

Originally made from horn, hence the name, shoehorns are now available in many other materials including plastic and metal. Shoehorns also come in different lengths. 

This article is to help you choose the right length of shoehorn for you.

When deciding what length of shoehorn to use, you may need to consider various factors.

  • The type of shoe you will be wearing
  • Your shoe size
  • Your personal preference
  • Your physical requirements

The most important of these factors are your personal preferences and your physical requirements.

To help you determine what length of shoehorn to use, consider the following questions:

Where will I be using my shoehorn?

If you are someone who travels a lot or has to change shoes at work for example, you may need a more compact shoehorn that can easily fit into your bag or even a pocket. If you are primarily using your shoehorn at home, the length may be less of a consideration.

How good is my grip?

If you have a weak grip or have problems gripping, you will be better off with a longer shoehorn. The longer length will provide you with greater leverage which can compensate for the weaker grip.

Will I be standing up or sitting down to use the shoehorn?

If you will be seated when putting on your shoes, you may not require the extra length of the long shoehorn. But maybe you will be changing shoes in a place where there is nowhere to sit down. If so and you also have trouble bending you are likely to be using the shoehorn when standing and will need a longer horn. The optimum length for a shoehorn to be used when standing is 25” or 64 cm.

How far can I reach?

Perhaps even when seated you struggle to reach your feet and will require a longer shoehorn. The optimum length for a shoehorn to be used while seated is 15” or 38cm

What about the other factors to consider?

Shoe size can influence the length of shoehorn you will need. If you have large feet , a small horn may not be long enough and you may need a long shoehorn.

Shoe type may also play a part in your decision making. If you are only going to be wearing shoes, a shorter horn could be all you need. If you will be using your shoehorn to help you put on boots, you may need a longer horn thanks to the extra height of the back of the boot compared to a shoe.

In conclusion, there are various deciding factors when selecting the length of shoehorn that will be best for you. With a little consideration we are sure you will be able to make the right choice.

We hope this article has been useful in helping you to choose the right length of shoehorn for your personal requirements.

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