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About our Blue Badge Holders

Protect, store and display your disabled parking permit in a stylish and colourful holder that says more about your personality than your medical condition or disability.

Applying for a new Blue Badge can be a stressful and lengthy process. Once you receive your Parking Permit, make sure you are keeping it protected and safe at all times. After everything you have been through to get one, you don't want to ruin the Hologram and ask for a new one!

To make your blue badge last longer and avoid parking fines, our vibrant range of Blue Badge Holders comes handy. They come in a range of beautiful designs and prints that will bring brightness to your darkest day! 

We have inspiring and uplifting wallets for men and women and fabrics by William Morris. 


We try to cater to everyone's unique style, making the Parking Permit Holders great gifts for grandparents, friends and relatives. 

To check out our full range of stylish and colourful designs, click here.

Our Blue Badge Holders

A Blue Badge Co holder is an excellent way to protect, store and display a disabled parking permit. Our extensive range of compact and easy to use wallets offers plenty of choices. We make every single one by hand in the UK. By making a purchase you enable us to continue employing people with disabilities. Thank you for supporting our UK business!

Blue Badge Holder in Blackwatch Tartan Design showing Hologram Safe design

Hologram Safe® Blue Badge Holders

Our exclusive Hologram Safe® feature means all our holders comply with the Department for Transport's new guidelines; the Hologram is not behind plastic or rubbed when taken out. Permits are displayed legally while protected from damage at all times. You can remove it from the pocket smoothly with no fear of ruining it.

Parking Fines

Our Blue Badge Holders store and protect your Blue Badge parking permit and make it easier to display it clearly on the dashboard of your parked vehicle. 

With our Blue Badge Holders, you can store your badge and timer conveniently together, preserving their condition, making them easy to find and therefore less likely to get lost! 

Without a display wallet, your parking permit is at risk of sliding out of view, incurring a parking fine.

Free Timer Clock 

Each of our Blue Badge Holders includes a free timer clock which is made with superior plastic cogs and can allow you to dial it without removal. A Blue Badge Co Holder is a pleasure to use and guarantees your permit is displayed legally and protected from damage at all times.

Blue Badge Co, enhance independence, enrich lives