Buying a Rollator

What is a Rollator?

A rollator is a walking aid that has wheels on every leg, making it different to a standard walking frame. Some rollators have smaller wheels that are more effective for indoor and home use where as others have larger wheels more suited for outdoor terrain. Rollators come in both three and four wheeled versions. Some have added on features such as adjustable handle bars, storage bags, shopping basket and a seat.

Who needs a Rollator? 

Anyone that has difficulty with mobility or balance problems can benefit from having a rollator. Thy allow for an even weight distribution and providing good support for the whole body. Rollators are very good if arm grip is weak. In comparison to a walker where it needs to be lifted with every step, this is not necessary with a rollator.

If you feel that balance is your main downfall and you’re solely relying on the frame to hold you up and keep you balanced, a walker may be better suited to you. 

Rollator added features

Seating – Some rollators come with a seat built in to allow a rest when needed. This makes it ideal for someone who would be using the rollator to go shopping or run errands so they can take rest-breaks and not become fatigued.

Wheels – The wheel type will vary with each Rollator. Some are made more for indoor use where as others are better suited for outdoor terrain.

Brakes – Brakes are an important feature when steering the Rollator and also lockable brakes are usually desired if the user is intending to sit on the Rollator.

Handle Bars – it is important to find the correct height that fits you. Adjustable handle bars offer an opportunity to adjust the height to what best fits you.


Different Rollators

Four-wheeled Rollator – Tend to be heavier but give more stability and help with balance.  Suitable for more rough outdoor terrain as well as indoor. Usually come with a seat for rest periods.

Three-wheeled Rollator – Tend to be more lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and usually have a folding option. They do not come with a seat option.

There are many factors to be deliberated when buying a rollator and it’s very important you choose the right one for your needs.  Consider your own personal requirements and the environment in which the rollator is likely to be used. A rollator is great for keeping independence, freedom and avoiding trips and falls, without having to use a wheelchair.