Heat Therapy

The application of heat to specific areas increases blood flow, bringing oxygen and protein to the treated area. This therapy method is great to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and inflammation, improve mind-set  and relieve muscle spasms.

Benefits Of Heat Treatment

Relieves Soreness 

Over-exertion of the muscle or post workout aches can be relieved with heat therapy, helping the muscles relax for example relieving muscle spasms.

Soothe Body Stiffness 

Everybody has experienced body stiffness and it can be caused by an array of different things. From sleeping awkwardly to overdoing daily exercise, stiffness can cause a lack of mobility. The heat therapy will provide a warm, comforting feeling to ease the pain.

Promotes Injury Healing 

By increasing blood flow around the body it can help improve recovery time of injuries.

Physiological Benefits

Using heat treatment is known to reduce stress and tension around the body. This can help improve piece of mind, reduce stress, improve sleep and encourage relaxation.

Dry Heat Treatment 

Wheat Warmer

Wheat warmers can give you many hours of relief from aches and pains for a wide variety of injuries and ailments. It will mould itself to any part of the body but particularly around the neck, making it easier to target the pain or therapy. Check out our wide range of Wheat Warmers here:


Gel Heat Pads

Similar to the wheat warmer it helps your muscles relax and increase blood flow to the injured area. This can help improve recovery time and also offer short term pain relief

Hot Water Bottle

They are known to help sore backs, stomach aches, muscular tension, help alleviate stress and relief for menstrual pain and chills from cold and flu.  Enjoy the warmth & comfort of our mini or large Hot Water Bottles with the handmade padded cover.


Moist Heat Treatment 

Hot Bath 

Hot baths allow for immersion, buoyancy and heat all of which have useful sensory and biological effects. This is known to help with injuries, pain, anxiety, depression and more.

Steamed Towels

These are a good quick way of applying heat to the muscles to help loosen tissue and relax injured areas. Can be especially helpful to apply before activities to reduce aggravating the area.