The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and the two sides have now agreed to a deal which has come into force, from 1 January 2021.
Here is what we know.

About the use of Blue Badge disabled parking permits in Europe

The Blue Badge parking scheme was first launched in 1970.  It is an EU wide scheme and there is a reciprocal arrangement with all EU countries so that disabled drivers can use their permit to park when they travel abroad. In 1998, the EU Member States agreed to recognise Blue Badge parking permits of a common format issued in all EU countries.

There are about 12 million people with a disability in the UK, and about two and a half million people currently have a Blue Badge parking permit.

There have been no official documents published to disclose the information surrounding Blue Badge Permit holders now that we have a Brexit Deal and the UK has left the EU.

Updated January 2022 - It appears the Blue Badge is no longer recognised in many European countries. We know the new design doesn't show the EU stars anymore. The UK Government website states that negotiations are still taking place. But, there has been no update to the information available on the site since 29 September 2021.

A list of the European countries shows whether they still recognise the UK Blue Badge following Brexit. Several European destinations remain 'undecided', leaving no clear answer for travellers. Currently limited information is available and no alternative scheme is in place. It invites badge holders to check with each country's embassy for up to date information.  Furthermore, for travellers to seek local advice for their destination.

If you are a visitor to the EU / EEA from another country with your own Parking Permit. Information provided by the F.I.A gives general advice about the use of parking permits around the world. Their website features as a 'further information' link from the UK government site. In some instances, information from the two sites differ slightly, such as the use of the UK permit in Spain.  

Air travel for disabled customers post Brexit

The EU Air Passengers Regulation 2006 requires operators to provide help to disabled passengers travelling in the EU. It was a European directive which established the rights of the disabled to access travel by air. Assistance through airports helps with boarding and getting off planes, with the transport of mobility aids and makes possible to enjoy independent air travel.

Passenger rights in regards to travelling after Brexit will remain unchanged.

Changes to car insurance post Brexit and GB stickers

You will need a document called a Green Card, which you can get from your insurer, to prove your car is covered if you are driving in Europe. You should contact your insurer six weeks before travelling to ask for it.

The Green Card is only proof of a minimum level of third-party cover - it will not necessarily match the level of cover that you pay for in the UK. You would have to check with your insurer to find out what level of cover you would receive.

The rules for GB stickers are that you need one unless your number plate has GB on it, either alone or alongside a union flag. If the GB is alongside an EU flag or the flag of England, Scotland or Wales then you still need a GB sticker.

What about Health Insurance?

All European Health Insurance Cards issued before the end of 2020 will be valid until their expiry date (on the front of your card).

The government says it will issue a new card, called the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), that will cover chronic or existing illnesses, routine maternity care and emergencies.
There are no further details yet on when it will start.

The advice on the GOV.CO.UK website is that you should buy travel insurance with healthcare cover before going on holiday - especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

This is all we know about Blue Badges and Brexit, for now. 

We will follow news closely and keep this page updated.
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