Why use a disabled car sticker to let people know about your disability? 

We have been listening to many comments from our customers, both in emails and on social media, about the issues with disabled parking. A recurring theme is the lack of consideration and understanding of other road users. We have discovered endless stories of problems that disabled drivers and passengers face day-to-day.

Raise Awareness

To help raise awareness for disabled drivers and inform other road users of disabled travellers wants and needs, Blue Badge Co has designed and manufactured a new range of disability car window stickers. These stickers communicate to other people, especially other drivers, the specific needs of the disabled traveller.

Market Research

After extensive market research and talking to our customers and disability rights organisations, we came up with a varied selection of statements for these stickers.They have been specially designed to express a wide variety of disabilities and ailments, giving our customers plenty of choices. Some designs may seem a little controversial and may even offend a small number of people. However, after hearing customers feedback and speaking to official disability organisations, we felt that if stickers can be produced for the non-disabled community, then why not a special range for our disabled community too? We know our customers have a wicked sense of humour, so we included some stickers which are tongue in cheek, intended to be understood as a joke. 

Designs and Sayings

These disability stickers are designed for internal window application to face outwards. Each design can be purchased as either a square sticker (15cmx15cm) or a rectangle (25cm x 10cm). The range includes the ever-popular and humorous “If you want my parking space take my disability with it’, ‘I'm only in it for the parking’ and ‘My other ride is a wheelchair’.

There are stickers for those with invisible disabilities; ‘Not all disabilities are visible. Please think before you judge!’ and ‘Don't judge a disability by its visibility’. This was an issue that came up repeatedly, with people who have invisible disabilities being subjected to distant and sometimes even verbal abuse when using disabled bays and services.

‘Please allow enough room to open my door fully’ and ‘Please don't park too close, I need room for my mobility scooter/ wheelchair access’ help let other drivers know that extra room and consideration is required when parking next to your vehicle. 

 VAT Exemption

All stickers are eligible for VAT exemption as they have been designed and manufactured for the sole use of disabled people. You can view and purchase our full range of stickers here.

Check out our range of stickers here.

We hope you like our new range of stickers and that they help you express yourself and your needs to other road users. If you have any suggestions of other sticker designs we should be producing, please get in touch: info@bluebadgecompany.co.uk