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This is your guide to Christmas gifts for disabled and elderly people, as well as those who love and appreciate high-quality handcrafted items made in the UK from beautiful fabrics. At this time of year, you will be looking for suitable gifts to give to your friends and family. We thought we'd help you along by producing this Christmas gift guide with a mixture of products from a range of retailers. At the end of the post, you can also see a list of our older gift guides, too.

Children's books about disability

Reading stories is a great way to help children to understand their impairments or to understand their disabled friends at school. Some that come highly recommended are:

Toys with a cochlear implant and a wheelchair

When children see themselves represented in the toys they play with, it can really boost their confidence. This Lottie doll comes with its very own cochlear implant, a perfect toy for a child who is Deaf and this Lego set has a wheelchair-using figure.

Christmassy star-design fabric gifts

If you love the pattern in the image above, take a look at our products that are designed with this fabric. You don't need to have a Blue Badge to get this fabric; take advantage of our pill boxes, hot water bottles or doorstops.

Disability button badges

Super cute and great for awareness raising, a number of sellers on Etsy produce gorgeous little button badges that are a perfect stocking filler. Check out MsFriedasClassroom's children in wheelchairs or sootmeg's 'Not all disabilities are visible'.

Walking sticks in gift boxes

Nobody wants a boring walking stick any more. We can help you to step out in style with our bronze walking stick in a William Morris bag that comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

Pretty shopping trolley

Gone are the days when shopping trolleys had to be grey or beige and blend into the background. For anybody who struggles to carry their shopping home, this trolley will look stylish and keep your produce safe and secure.

Heritage and highlander gifts

More subtle and subdued than some of our fabrics, our heritage and highlander range has products from Blue Badge wallets to tablet stands, keyrings, door stops and lavender eye masks.

Pashmina clothing protector

If you know somebody who could do with the protection of an adult bib but feels embarrassed or self-conscious when wearing one, then these pashminas from Care Designs offer an elegant and dignified solution to keep clothes clean while looking great.

Travel pill organiser

When you go away for a few days, taking a whopping great bag full of boxes of medication is bulky and annoying. If, instead, you divide up your pills into daily boxes, and take them in a beautiful handmade case, you can minimise the packing space you need. We especially love this purple leather pill box case.

Fidget toy

People with anxiety or autism, whether children or adults, can find that having something to play with will distract their mind away from difficult thoughts and feelings. This fidget cube is an innovative stocking filler that could take some of the stress away from the Christmas season!

Lockable Blue Badge wallet

People love our pretty Blue Badge wallets, but many people are also concerned about the security of their Blue Badge. Thefts do happen, so if you have a Blue Badge holder in your life, consider getting them a lockable permit cover that they can attach safely and securely.

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