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You've put up your fairy lights, you've baked your mince pies and you've spent the requisite three hours queuing at Santa's Grotto; what's next?

There is always room for a few extra, little gifts to add to your shopping list so, in this post, we are going to share some fantastic stocking fillers that are especially perfect for disabled or elderly people.

Bracelet Buddy

Bracelet buddy  the extra hand you need to fasten a bracelet

Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest difference. For anybody who struggles with manual dexterity, putting on a bracelet one-handed can be virtually impossible. The Bracelet Buddy uses a small clamp to provide a 'third hand' to make it easier to put on - and take off - bracelets and watches. Genius.


Purple Multi Stripe EasyBelt for Young person adults   Teen Adult s Belts

Easybelts are belts for children, young people and adults that avoid the need for fiddly fine motor skills to open and close buckles. They have a unique velcro closing that helps people to maintain their independence and manage wearing a belt when it might otherwise be difficult, and there are loads of designs and colours to choose from.

Floating Bath Thermometer with Alarm

Floating Bath Thermometer   Clock  Health   Personal Care

This little gadget floats in your bathwater, measuring its temperature and sounding an alarm if the water gets too hot. This is especially useful for people who might be forgetful or have limited sensation, risking burns and scalds.

Yaktrax Ice Grips for Shoes


Yaktrax grips attach to shoes and make it virtually impossible to slip on ice or snow. These are incredibly useful for anyone who is unsteady on their feet, but can be used by anybody who wants to walk more securely in winter weather. I use these - in combination with the next item - and they are remarkable.

Walking Stick Ice Grip


In the past, although my Yaktrax are fabulous, if my walking stick or crutch slipped on ice or snow, I was still really unstable. This year, I have grabbed one of these gizmos that attaches to the end of the crutch and helps to provide grip in difficult environments.

LoVision Playing Cards

LoVision Playing Cards   Local Mobility

Ideal for people with vision problems, these playing cards feature extra-large numbers and symbols so that they are easy to read.