An update from Blue Badge Co about COVID-19

Dear Blue Badge Co Customers,

I hope you are doing well and keeping yourselves safe.

We are all well aware of the severity of COVID-19 and the danger of the new string of the virus. 

We are all adjusting to its effects, trying to navigate this third lockdown and the uncertainty that the next couple of months carry.

We wanted to update you on what is going on with the business and reassure you, explaining the steps we have taken to guarantee our employees and customers' safety. 

We will always put people first at Blue Badge Co and will do our best to protect our NHS.

As a small ethical independent company, we have thought hard about our impact and responsibility on our shoulders after the Christmas holidays. We decided to only allow our essential warehouse and manufacturing team members in our headquarters for the time being. 

Our staff members that can work remotely are now doing so and who can't is still getting paid while staying safe at home. We want to keep every job safe as ours is a small family, and we are all up to stand up for each other and protect one another. 

You have probably noticed our range of product is reduced, due to delays from our suppliers. You could have experienced some delays with deliveries too as Royal Mail struggles to carry on deliveries on time. To find out more, please read this article from the BBC. 

You can still place orders on our website, which will be shipped out to you as quickly and efficiently as we can.

We wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support and patience while we navigate these challenging times together. 

We profoundly appreciate every single one of you.

Stay safe and take care,

Ellen Green & the Blue Badge Co team.