Why we’ve joined the Disability Confident Scheme

Why we’ve joined the Disability Confident Scheme

We’ve gained our Disability Confident Scheme 'Committed' accreditation.  Here's a breakdown of what it all means and why joining the scheme is important for awareness of inclusivity and disability.

The value of disabled people, including people with long term health conditions, is under recognised in the workplace.  Having an inclusive team represents the world around us.  Over 40% of our team here at Blue Badge Company is either disabled or a primary caregiver.  We have, and always will be proud to support and encourage people.  That’s why we ensure our workplace is an inclusive environment and this is why we've joined the Disability Confident Scheme.

What is the Disability Confident scheme?

Disabled people are over a third less likely to be in employed than non-disabled people.  Disabled people bring value and talent to the workplace and the Disability Confident scheme encourages employers to recognise these attributes and nurture them.  It also focuses on a change in understanding and attitude towards disability.  In turn, this gives disabled people the opportunity to pursue meaningful work, allowing them to fulfil their potential.  It shows businesses that taking away barriers opens opportunities.  This allows them to employ an inclusive team.  It shows the value and experiences of employees with a disability.

What does being part of the Disability Confident Scheme mean?

Being part of the Disability Confident Scheme means we're committed to having a workplace that is inclusive.  It provides opportunities to people who may find it more difficult finding work.  One of our values is to continue to pioneer inclusive employment.  This has been important to us since we started back in 2013.  We have made it official by joining the government's Disability Confident Scheme.  Blue Badge Co is now accredited and Disability Confident Committed.  We're looking forward to working towards the next level of the scheme.

Logo shows "Disability Confident" written in black writing. "Committed" in bright pink writing.  The words are surrounded by a bright pink border. The words have some graphics next to them of an unlocked padlock, people, a person with a speech bubble and two ticks.  These graphics are in pink, purple, blue and green.

What we’ve done to join the Disability Confident scheme

Our Disability Confident 'Committed' status means we're part of the nationwide scheme.  Joining the scheme means we have promised to abide by certain values.  For us to stay part of the scheme, we must renew our certificate every few years.  Renewing our accreditation shows we are keeping our promises about inclusivity.

What are those promises?

  • Offering inclusive and accessible recruitment.
  • Sharing our job vacancies so people know we are here and that we’re inclusive.
  • Offering an interview to disabled people who meet the requirements for the job role.
  • Providing reasonable adjustments so employees can do their job effectively.
  • Supporting current employees who have a disability or if they become disabled.

Employee Experience

Laura is a Picker and Packer here at Blue Badge Co.  She joined the team while working with Sixteen Co-operative Ltd.  They support people with a learning disability or autism.  They help people find and keep a job they love.  After doing some work experience, Laura was looking for a paid job.  The things that were important to Laura in her job search were something creative, a small team and a job that had the same routine.

Laura’s job coach got in touch and the rest is history.  So we could get to know each other, Laura explained, “instead of an interview, I did a work trial to get an understanding of the job. They asked me questions at the end.  They were really impressed with me and they offered me the job while I was on holiday! I felt happy and excited!”

We’re delighted that Laura accepted the offer to join our team.  “I had a job coach support me when I started, they helped me learn the role, and talk to my manager if need any help.  Now I am doing my job independently.”

Laura recently shared her story about her journey to employment with the support of her job coach from Sixteen Co-operative Ltd.  “What difference has it made having a job? It has made a lot of difference.  I am now out of the house and I am earning my own money, it has really helped me with my confidence.” 

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Why have we joined Disability Confident?

We want to be part of the scheme as it is part of the bigger picture.  A shift in attitude towards people with long term health conditions and disabilities.  It's so important to us to be part of the change.  Uniting to create opportunity and awareness is amazing.

Disabled people face lots of barriers finding a job.  Seeing beyond this is incredibly important.  Someone can be great at a job if they are given the chance to thrive.  The scheme encourages adjustments which creates inclusivity.  These changes mean employers see the great benefits that inclusivity brings.  Not only people’s potential experience and knowledge, but a different perspective.

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