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Coffee morning event with customers

Blue Badge Co held a coffee morning event with a group of elderly and disabled people in Nether Stowey, on Friday 5th of April. The reason behind it was finding out how the brand can help in making life easier with new products.

Coffee morning event and Blue Badge Co reason why:

Ellen, the Managing Director of Blue Badge Co, Federica, the Marketing Manager and Sarah, the Event Manager, organised an informal coffee morning event with a group of potential customers who'd had never heard of the business before. The purpose of the event was to understand customers' current struggles, show them products and receive honest feedback and suggestions. More importantly, we discussed fears and hopes they have, what necessities are not met by the market and what improvements can be done to the products Blue Badge Co already offers to make independent living easier.

Coffee morning event structure and details:

Arrival, set up and introduction

Guests arrived at the conference room at 10 am and were greeted by coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits. We had beautiful and delicious lemon drizzle cupcakes from Ahh Toots. They tasted great! Ellen introduced the brand and the team, explaining what the coffee morning event was all about: socialising, talking, trying to better understand everyday life struggles and needs.

We asked some opening questions, to break the ice.

Firstly, we really wanted to know if our group already had a living aid and if so what they used, how did they find it and where did they buy it from. Moreover, we wanted to know if they purchased mainly online or in physical shops and how important style and colour are in their purchase decision. Afterwards, we had a break for more hot drinks and the second part of the coffee morning event took place. Finally, it was all about the products.

The products

At this point, we introduced them to some of our own Blue Badge Co designs to start with, moving on to some new items from different brands we are thinking of potentially collaborating with and ending with new products we were trying out for the first time. First of all, it was fascinating to find out that what we thought was going to be really successful wasn't at all appreciated by our guests and what, on the other hand, turned out to be a very popular choice. Surprisingly, we found out about perspectives we had never even considered before. Next, we found out our folding travel reacher, walking sticks and Blue Badge parking permit covers were the most popular products, together with a new line of non-slip products that will be launched very soon on our website!


The coffee morning event was really useful. We received some great feedback from all the attendees. To summarise, they really liked how revealing and friendly the event turned out to be, for both sides. The questions they'd been asked were really appreciated but, more importantly, the active listening and caring about their daily struggles. Overall, independent living, as well as growing old, can be quite lonely. Given these points, our guests loved being at the even together, having company and something new to do and talk about. Accessibility and inclusivity are often overlooked and taken for granted. As a final point, we gained many interesting insights and are confident that this event won't be the last we run. Would you like to find out more about joining a coffee morning event with us? Talk about suggestions or improvements you'd like to see on a product you use? If so, please send us an email us at and we will be more than happy to know what you think. Keep an eye on our website for new lines and life-changing products! Don't forget to follow us on Social Media to join our competitions and offers.
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