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Put your money where your heart is this Christmas and Buy British!

By buying a gift made in Britain directly from British manufacturers you help the economy and support local employment #BUYBRITISHCHRISTMAS

Being a small business ourselves, the Blue Badge Company are right behind the grassroots, non-commercial initiative; Small Business Saturday, an annual day on the first Saturday in December. For 3 years now the campaign has helped to recognise the importance of small enterprises to the UK economy. As well as using the day itself to highlight and draw new interest to small, UK based companies, the campaign encourages consumers to buy British products and shop local all year round. This year Small Business Saturday fell on Saturday 3rd December, last weekend, so to join the party Blue Badge Co thought we'd encourage you to shop local this Christmas and help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, handmade in the UK! To help you shop UK for the Festive Season we've picked out a couple of our Heritage Brands from our gorgeous range of personal accessories; you may find that not only do we have the ideal gift to help make life easier for an elderly grandparent but there's also something for Auntie Susie, cousin Arthur or even yourself! William Morris Blue Badge Wallet Parking PermitWilliam Morris Golden Lily Wash Bag Gift Setblue-badge-company-william-morris-wallets parking permit holdersCheck out our British Heritage designs from the radical Victorian socialist, William Morris. He is not only one of the most recognised and cherished of our British designers but was also a considerable revolutionary force whose work "dramatically changed the fashions and ideologies of the era."* Still as appealing today as they ever were, his designs are used to great effect accross our range of accessories, living aids and disability parking permit wallets. Or if you'd like something just as Quintessentially British in style but a little more modern, why not browse our beautful Emma Bridgewater collection? Bright, cheery and homely, Emma Bridgewater's designs are instantly uplifting and are perfect accessories "for a relaxed, colourful, mismatched life." **
Emma Bridgewater Hot Water Bottle Cover Put your money where your heart is this Christmas and Buy British!
Wheat Warmer Wheat Bag Heated Bean Bag And you can't get any more British than this trio of UK based companies; the designers, fabric producers and product manufactures are all based in the UK! Emma Bridgewater's own website says; "We’re a thoroughly British company too – all our pottery is made in Stoke-on-Trent, the traditional home of British pottery, and we’re proud to be one of the largest employers of potters in the recent years we’ve come out of the kitchen and used our patterns on a growing range of other products" Including, lucky for us at Blue Badge, fabrics! Not just any fabrics though, fabrics from "the oldest surviving English brand name in its field..." Sanderson. Established in 1860, Islington, London by Arthur Sanderson, the company went from strength to strength, producing fabrics and wallcoverings of exeptional quality. They have remained British based and still supply fabric, paint and wallcoverings for the British Royal Palaces! Emma Bridgewater Gifts by Blue Badge Company In the mid-Brexit economy, small businesses can feel a little uncertain about how they'll fit in when all the pieces fall wherever they end up. The future is, to put it mildly, unclear! That's why we want to encourage you, the consumer, now more than ever to seek out your local, homespun products and choose made in the UK whenever you can. Did you know that there are almost five and a half million small businesses in the UK, 516,000*** of which are located in the South West? Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 and small to medium businesses were responsible for 60% of all private sector employment in the UK****; which basically means small businesses are a major contribution to the UK economy and merit our support! So this Christmas show how much you love your friends and family at the same time as supporting the UK economy; buy British, handmade Gifts from your local small businesses and give yourself the gift of knowing you're helping Britain stay strong.
Our blue badge wallets are hand made with love in Bristol! Our blue badge wallets are hand made with love in Bristol!
As an extra incentive to get you shopping local and discovering the great UK brands that are out there, we're inviting you to enter the Make It British Christmas Giveaway! We have joined forces with a host of other UK based producers and the Make It British team to give you the chance to win a box full of British-made goodies worth £100s!! Just click here to go to their competition page or check them out on their Facebook page. Good Luck! *The William Morris Society website **From the Emma Bridgewater website. ***Business Statistics by Chris Rhodes. **** small business statistics.
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