Brand new RADAR Blue Heart Comfort Key now available here!
new-radar-key-blue-badge-company NEW Blue Heart Comfort Key
RADAR Keys allow access to over 9,000 locked disabled toilets in the UK. Part of the National Key Scheme, they help thousands of people with disabilities and conditions to live more independently. We’re proud to stock genuine RADAR Keys at reasonable prices and with VAT exemption. However, there are lots of replica keys in circulation that not only don’t work reliably but they can actually damage the RADAR locks. For this reason, the lock and key manufacturers have redesigned the key to include a blue plastic heart-shaped top, distinguishing it from copies. This also makes the new key more comfortable to hold and easy to turn. Six reasons you'll love the new key:
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum grip and leverage
  • Attractive blue heart fob is not cold to touch
  • Free Blue Badge Company key ring
  • Guaranteed to open all 9,000+ RADAR-operated disabled toilets in the UK
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • 100% genuine and reliable, giving you confidence and peace of mind
We are now stocking the new RADAR Blue Heart Comfort Key, get yours here!
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