Boots launches 6 new Blue Badge Co products in 400 UK stores

High Street Giant Boots launches 6 new Blue Badge Co independent Living products in over 400 UK stores

On 27th May Boots launched 6 new Blue Badge Co products in 400 of their UK stores.

As part of a refit of their Independent Living area Boots are stocking a range of our stylish and practical independent lifestyle products. The high-street giant has chosen Blue Badge Co as a significant partner to supply a wide range of mobility aids. Although the company has sold through Boots in the past, this time it is significant because of the wide selection and volume of products. In other words, this a momentous occasion for the business.

The story behind Blue Badge Co and Boots

We first met the buyers for Boots back in early 2013, at a trade show. Back then, the buyer really appreciated the potential for the product, as her mum was a Blue Badge Holder. As a result, in August 2013, Blue Badge Co signed a deal with Boots to stock 2 of its blue badge holder designs. Due to the popularity of the product, the high street chemist increased its order to 12 units per store. By the end of this summer, 2,500 stores stocked the wallets. The products, provided on clip strips, were hung up in different locations around each store. They sold very well for a couple of years. Eventually, as the buying team at Boots evolved, communication diminished and sales began to taper off. In the meantime, Blue Badge Co has become a fast-growing, dynamic young company with a string of awards to its name. In time the product range grew exponentially. Alongside manufacturing the Blue Badge Display wallets, other helpful home comforts and travel accessories emerged: designer walking sticks with coordinating carry cases, dressing aids, pill boxes, lap trays and wheat warmers to name a few. The wide selection of unique and interesting gift ideas showed thought and originality. The products were truly appreciated by the market: the target audience wanted cheerful and colourful independent lifestyle and living aids, fashionable and stylish. Last year, Boots approached Blue Badge Co with an opportunity to pitch independent living products to the buying team in preparation for the launch of these new areas inside a selection of UK stores. On 27th May Boots launch their new Independent Living areas and 6 new Blue Badge Co products are now stocked in over 400 stores across the UK.

The Boots selection now available in stores include:

About Blue Badge Co

Blue Badge Co gives people the opportunity to style their life by offering living aids and lifestyle products that match their personality. Inspiring and uplifting, the vibrant range of designs and prints bring beauty to every day. Having our products available so widely, in such a well-known store will allow us to reach more people. As a result, we could give them access to a choice of high quality, well designed independent living products to show off with pride. The products are handmade in our Bristol based studio by a team of high-skilled individuals, some of which are registered disabled themselves. We pride ourselves for being pioneers in inclusive work opportunities, providing training for those with limited work options. The full range of independent lifestyle products includes twenty different designs, reinvented on a regular basis. You can find purchase them directly from the company website, independent retailers and in high street shops. Nearly 12 million people in the UK have a disability, of which 2.58 million are blue badge holders. We are an ambitious company. Our goal is to continue extending our unique product offering, creating attractive living aids that improve people’s everyday life. This new opportunity with Boots will allow us to invest in product development, jobs and training.
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