Win a Personalised Lap Tray in our Winter Wonderland Christmas Giveaway
Enter our Winter Wonderland Christmas Giveaway for a chance to win a Personalised Lap Tray!

Join Blue Badge Co's December giveaway for a chance to win a Personalised Lap Tray!

But this time there won't be just 1 lucky winner...

3 lucky people have the chance to win a personalised lap tray! The total value of this giveaway is £120 (£40 per lap tray).

What are you waiting for? Enter the Winter Wonderland Christmas giveaway now!

Win a personalised lap tray for the perfect gift this Christmas

Winter Wonderland Christmas giveaway rules:

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  5. If you do not have a social media account email and say in the email that you would like to join the Christmas giveaway competition.
Follow these steps to enter the Christmas giveaway

We will randomly select THREE WINNERS on Friday the 13th of December and we will announce it the same day.

Please read carefully our competition Terms and Conditions before joining.

About Our Personalised Lap Trays

Comfortable and convenient, a cheerful and charming lap tray is ideal way to protect your lap from hot plates and drinks. Enjoy breakfast in bed, afternoon tea in the garden, or dinner in front of the TV. This tray multipurpose can also be used for laptops, crafts, and drawing. The sturdy and durable wipe-clean surface has a matching comfy beanbag cushion, which will mould itself to the contours of your lap. The top of the lap tray is wipe clean and provides a sturdy and durable surface. Ideal for laptops as the tray can help keep your laptop cool and prevent overheating. The flat surface keep the laptop ventilated naturally underneath and doesn’t obstruct the air vents. All our lap trays are generously filled with flame retardant polystyrene balls.

We offer personalisation for other products too. Our top pick is personalised hot water bottles, especially for this cold time of the year!

They are known to help sore backs, stomach aches, muscular tension, help alleviate stress and relief for menstrual pain, and chills from cold and flu. Enjoy the warmth & comfort of our mini or large hot water bottles with their handmade padded covers.
Stay warm this Christmas with a mini hot water bottle - perfect to take out and about
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