Your Guide to Blue Badge Regulations | Using Your Parking Permit

Blue Badge Co Guide to Blue Badge Regulations. Using Your Disabled Parking Permit

Rights & Responsibilities of the Blue Badge holder.

Are you finding yourself confused about Blue Badge Regulations? It can be hard to know what is and isn't allowed, even well known celebrities get it wrong sometimes! So if you're struggling to make sense of the Blue Badge Regulations, let us clear things up a little. Read more in our straightforward and useful guide.

People who can use a Blue Badge Permit:

Blue Badge permits are for the sole use and benefit of the official holder. The Permit may only be displayed when the Blue Badge Permit holder is travelling in the vehicle, either as a driver or passenger. Other people must not be allowed to use the Permit unless you accompany them in the vehicle, even if they are doing something on your behalf. Non-disabled people are not allowed to 'use' a disabled person to gain access to a disabled parking space for their own benefit. They cannot, for example, reap the benefits of using the disabled parking space while you sit in the car.

Misusing a Blue Badge Permit

Misusing a Blue Badge Permit is a criminal offence. Blue Badge Regulations dictate that miuse of a permit could lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. You must never give your permit to friends or family to allow them to park for free. Even if they are visiting you or running errands for you. Do not make copies of the Blue Badge permit or attempt to alter the details. You must not continue to display the badge if you no longer need it, this would constitute an offence.

Displaying a Blue Badge

When you display your blue badge permit on the dashboard, it must be clearly seen through a windscreen. The front of the permit should face upwards showing the hologram. The reverse side that shows the photograph should not be visible through the windscreen.
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Should any deatils on the front of the permit become illegible through fading or wear and tear, you must return the permit to the parking department of your local council so they can issue a new one.

Disabled Parking

Blue Badge Regulations allow holders to park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours in England and Wales. This does not include places where there is a ban on loading or unloading. NOTE: these allowances are not applicable in Central London When parking in time restricted areas, you must display both the Blue Badge Permit and a parking clock showing your time of arrival. Use a Blue Badge Wallet to ensure these are both clearly visible. In general there is no time limit for parking on yellow lines in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Be aware that local restrictions may apply. Blue Badge holders may park for free and for as long as they need to at on-street parking meters and at pay-and-display machines. NOTE: these allowances are not applicable in City of London. Regulations for parking in council car parks varies. They can be free and unlimited, at reduced prices or allow longer periods for Blue Badge holders. It is best to check the information given at the pay and display machine for each carpark. If you park in one of these circumstances within Blue Badge Regulations, you may still be asked to move your vehicle by a police officer or traffic warden. This may occurr if, for example, it is deemed a hazard or is restricting the flow of traffic. If this happens, you will not be charged but you must move the vehicle. If at any time you are uncertain about what parking restrictions apply in a certain area, you should always check before using your badge. You can be penalised for misusing your badge, even if you do so accidentally. It is important to take care when dispalying your Blue Badge permit as displaying it incorrectly could result in a fine.

Parking Timer

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In England and Wales, whenever you park where there is a time restriction, for example on yellow lines or in a carpark, you need to display the timer clock disc to show your time of arrival. When you need to use a parking disc or timer clock, you must display it on the vehicle’s dashboard or facia panel. Make sure the time can be seen clearly through the front windscreen. Using a Blue Badge Wallet helps ensure your timer and badge are both clearly visible. You do not need to display a parking disc/clock when visiting Scotland, unless local restrictions apply.
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