Our Top 3 Gifts For Grandparents This Christmas 2020

Our Top 3 Gifts For Grandparents This Christmas 2020

Buy the perfect gifts for your grandparents this Christmas

Our Top 3 Gifts For Grandparents This Christmas

We have put together three of our top products for grandparents that will make ideal, long-lasting gifts this Christmas

Struggling with what to buy? Don't worry, we've got you covered. It can be frustrating buying gifts for loved ones, especially when they say to you "don't worry about it, seeing you is enough" or particularly when they already have pretty much everything - so take a look at our top three most popular products for the elderly.

1. Walking Stick & Bag

Bronze Walking Stick & William Morris Golden Lily Bag
Walking sticks don't usually look that visually appealing. We sell walking sticks that speak vibrant fashion and colour, making trips out and about - for those with limited mobility - filled with style and confidence. We have matched up some of our walking stick bags with the sticks to make a gift set. Our favourite is this walking stick in bronze with a matching William Morris bag in Golden Lily that reflects sumptuous, vintage patterns. The walking stick is adjustable and foldable. The perfect travel companion that can fold away into your handbag or pocket. The bag features a press-stud fastener and a small D-ring that allows you to attach it to your handbag, wheelchair, or hand on a coat rack.

2. Leather Blue Badge Permit Holder & RADAR Key

Kensington Italian leather Blue Badge wallet with matching RADAR Key
Among our range of multiple Blue Badge wallets and RADAR keys, we have a special collection of Kensington Leathers for those who want to flaunt their Blue Badge with a bit more class. These wallets are available with the matching key rings as a gift set that comes in a neat, little box - all prepped and ready for grandparents to open on Christmas day. Made from 100% Italian leather, this set is made to last. Our leathers come in a variation of colours. Above is our Burgundy, and we also offer this gift set in Royal Purple, Navy and Lake Green - to tailor to different tastes. Check out our Kensington Leathers range to see more products such as leather notebooks, cardholders and pill box cases.

3. Bean Bag Cushioned Lap Tray (Personalised Option Available)

Bean Bag Lap Tray in Blackwatch Tartan
We all know how much our grandparents love to eat their dinner whilst watching TV, then they will fall asleep on the sofa and stay there for hours. To make this experience easier (and a lot less messy) our lap trays with a cushioned bean bag - designed to mould to fit your lap - are the perfect solution. They come in a number of different designs from our unique fabric range, fitted with the choice of a light or dark frame which prevents items from slipping off. The lap tray is durable and has a wipe clean surface. They aren't always sued to eat on, many might enjoy doing some drawing or arts and crafts, reading a book or browsing on their laptop or tablet. There are endless possibilities for their uses which is why it's a great and worthwhile Christmas gift - especially for grandparents.

There are various other designs available on our website to tailor to different styles and tastes.

These include: garden birds, tartans, polka dot, jungle, designer favourites such as William Morris and more.

About Our Personalised Lap Trays

Comfortable and convenient, a cheerful and charming lap tray is ideal way to protect your lap from hot plates and drinks. Enjoy breakfast in bed, afternoon tea in the garden, or dinner in front of the TV. Our lap trays are multipurpose, so they can also be used for working on laptops and even arts and crafts. Adding a personal touch to it is what makes this a special gift. Many of us don't get to see our families everyday, but with a personalised lap tray every time you eat dinner - you now can! Please note: The last day to order a Personalised Lap Tray is Monday 16th December.
Personalised Bean Bag Lap Tray

Other Personalised Products by Blue Badge Co

Enjoy the warmth & comfort of our mini or large hot water bottles with their handmade, luxury padded covers. The personalised option adds that special touch for gifting this Christmas.
This Mini Hot Water Bottle will make the perfect travel companion - ideal for kids too!
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