Summer Essentials

Get Set For Summer!

Things are really starting to warm up in the UK! It's time for barbecues, trips to the seaside and spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors. There may be barriers to these activities if you have reduced mobility, but there are plenty of products on the market to help you get out and about, so we’ve rounded up five of the best so you can really enjoy this summer!
Tabatha Tee in Seaspray Stripe Tabatha Tee in Seaspray Stripe
The Able Label_Tabatha Tee_SeasprayStripe No fiddly buttons!

Beautiful Clothes Designed To Make Dressing Easier

The Able Label was born when fashion buyer Katie noticed that there was nothing stylish on the market suitable for her grandmother who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We absolutely love what Katie is doing with her company; helping people maintain independence and a sense of identity in spite of reduced dexterity and impaired mobility. The Able Label’s unique and subtle “EasyFasten” system means there’s no need for overhead dressing, and a clever colour-coding system aids those with cognitive difficulties. Their summer collection features gorgeous skirts, wrap dresses, T-shirts and blouses in a range of fabulous colours like coral and sea spray blues. We love this chic scoop-neck T-shirt with pretty lace detail on the front. Prices start from £25 and all clothing is eligible for VAT relief.
golden-lily-toiletry-bag-gift-set Travel in style with William Morris toiletries bags

Wash Bags and Cosmetics Purses

Whether you’re going long-haul or staying local this summer holiday, stick your travel miniatures in a bright and practical wash bag, waterproof-lined to protect against any accidental shampoo explosions! Don’t forget your matching cosmetics purse so you can take your essentials out on day trips! Our toiletries bag sets are available in six gorgeous fabrics, including two classic William Morris prints.

Flexyfoot Walking Stick Ferrules

Flexyfoot assistive products have proven medical and therapeutic benefits, helping to challenge the stigma of walking aids and giving safe, flexible support to those who need it. The uniquely designed bellows on their Standard Ferrules help create shock absorption, which in turn can help relieve pain and discomfort. And because the bellows make the ferrule flexible, it will stay in contact with the ground even over rough terrain. This can help make you feel more comfortable and secure, and is perfect if you plan to go on lots of walks in the country this summer.
Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule on bumpy terrain Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule on bumpy terrain
Like us, Flexyfoot are proud to design and make all of their walking sticks and ferrules in the UK!

RADAR Disabled Toilet Keys

Give yourself the peace of mind that a clean loo will be available to you when you need it and keep a genuine RADAR Key on you whenever you go out, allowing access to over 9,000 toilets across the UK. The manufacturers of the keys and locks recently redesigned the disabled toilet keys to distinguish them from bad-quality fakes, the bonus being that they’ve now got lovely blue heart-shaped tops! They’re easy to grip and turn, and as the top is not metal, it doesn’t feel cold to touch.
radar-key-with-leather-keyring RADAR Key With Blue Leather Keyring
new-radar-key New Blue Heart RADAR Key
You can pick up a RADAR Key for just £6 (£5 with VAT exemption) or treat yourself to one with a stylish embossed leather key ring for £12 (£10 with VAT exemption). Please note we still issue the old style keys with the leather fobs, as they go so well together! We also make luxury leather blue badge display wallets to match the key rings, the bundle makes a brilliant gift!

Rolling Gardening Seat

Do you love to get out in the garden but a bad back or sore knees stop you from enjoying it as much as you’d like to? This rolling garden work seat could be just what you need!
rolling-garden-seat Rolling Garden Work Seat
You can roll right up to the flower bed and sit to weed and plant. No kneeling on the cold, hard ground or bending and balancing to reach. The large wheels are ideal on most surfaces and the handy under-seat tray helps you keep everything together! We hope this list helps you make the most of the summer, please get in touch if you've got anything to add to it! We'd love you to join us on social media, so if you're on Facebook or Twitter, come and say hello! We share useful information and special offers that you won't want to miss!
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