Dear Customers,

As you know, we at Blue Badge Co have always been committed to bringing you the best quality products at an affordable, steady price.

Due to an increase in the cost of materials and struggles we've faced under the current global climate, we find ourselves having to make the difficult decision to increase our prices on some collections from the 1st of February.

This has only happened 3 times in 5 years, as we know how important it is to stay committed to our values and bring excellence to our customer base at the right price.

We appreciate your continued support.

Blue Badge Co products are handmade with love in Britain and the new price increase on Feb 2021 will improve customer experience

The price increase will only affect the following items, and it will vary between £1 and £3:

  • Blue Badge Wallets
  • Walking Sticks
  • Lap Trays
  • Wheat Warmers

We'd like to thank you for being a loyal Blue Badge Co customer.

We can't emphasise enough how wonderful it's been to have your support through these trying times, and we look forward to being there for you throughout 2021.
thank you

We can't wait to show you all the new product releases and exciting new design ranges we plan on launching soon!

Watch this space, you'll see something useful, stylish and 100% Made in Britain coming your way.

Excellent quality products proudly Handmade in Britain