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Flexyfoot is a British invention suitable for people of all age, shape, and size that usea walking stick, cane or crutch. It is an award-winning new type of ferrule that fitsonto the bottom of your walking aid, walkingstick, crutches and frame. By replacing the rubber or brass feet on a walking aid with our ergonomic and flexible Flexyfoot ferrule, you will not only extend the life of your walking aid but will benefit from less pain and discomfort and a safer and more comfortable aided walking experience.

FlexyFoot inventor and designer David Goodwin explains: “The whole idea for Flexyfoot came from my sister.  As an MS sufferer she complained to me about the difficulties and discomfort of using her walking stick. Flexyfoot has become my life; to try and change that for people just like her. With the full range of Flexyfoot walking aids, it expands that opportunity and potential for people who need some assistance with mobility to get that in a comfortable, safe and stylish way.”

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Tap2Tag Medical is a new application of technology, designed to help first-responders
and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in an emergency. Anyone can potentially benefit from Tap2Tag Medical. However, for those with a known medical condition, the elderly or anyone taking prescribed drugs, it is particularly vital. A typical Tap2Tag Medical user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubber charity wristbands. Other users prefer to have a key fob, or to carry a card, or to display a sticker in their home.

Each device is embedded with a new technology, known as ‘NFC’ (near-field communication). NFC was designed for use with mobile phones. Most smart phones have this technology and it’s anticipated that, by the end of 2014, virtually all new smart phones will have it. In an emergency, for example when someone collapses, after calling the emergency services any passer-by or neighbour with an NFC-enabled mobile phone can ‘tap’ the patient’s device. With a couple of clicks they can gain instant access to information which the wearer has chosen to disclose. This might include: their name, allergies, known medical conditions, medications they need, any message, for example “Call 999. I have a heart condition. Spray is in my bag. Spray once in my mouth then wait for paramedics.”

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Rackety’s was set up to fill the gap when the regular clothing you find on your high street, at the supermarket online or wherever you normally shop, just doesn’t work for a family who have a child or an adult with additional needs.

When we started, we naively thought that it would be predominantly children and adults who are wheelchair users that would have the greatest need for adapted clothing, however it turned out that incontinence and behavioural differences topped the list of our customers’ requirements by a mile.

Over the years we have gradually changed the product mix we offer, based on your feedback and comments.

We know that disabilities come in many combinations and that we have sent our products out to customers with well over 300 different disabilities and still counting, and to over 30 and counting different countries worldwide. The needs of our customers are the same, wherever they live.

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