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Blue Badge Application

Blue Badge parking permits help disabled drivers & passengers to park nearer to where they're going

You can now apply for a blue badge disabled parking permit online using this link on the Direct Gov website. You can also check to see if your eligible for a blue badge permit online on the Direct Gov Website. To find out more about Blue Badges from your council or to report your lost or stolen Blue Badge and get a replacement visit the website here:

Blue Badge & Public Transport if you're Disabled 

There is also a paper application form which you should use if you are applying for the first time. You can also use the paper application if you are renewing your badge. As the application form is modified from time to time and you may well need to contact the paring department of your local council for the most up to date version.

You can Apply for a Blue Badge, amend or cancel a saved application and track your application here:

Apply for a Blue Badge

How long will it take to process my application?

All blue badge applications (new and renewals) are assessed on an individual basis against Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines. You may be asked to attend a walking assessment when you apply. Timescales can be dependant upon the availability of assessment centre.

You should make a note of the expiry date of your blue badge and apply four to six weeks before the badge expires. Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to apply more than six weeks before the badge expires, except if the current badge has a serial number that ends in 'R'. This indicates that the badge is reviewable and that eligibility may need to be reassessed with a walking assessment. If this is the case, your application for renewal should be made a minimum of six weeks prior to the expiry date. It is up to you to remember to renew in plenty of time as some local authorities deal with thousands of applications every month.

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