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It always seems to be the way at Christmas, I get a hundred ideas of what to give one person but get completely stuck when it comes to another! It is especially tricky to buy gifts for elderly relatives. I know exactly what to get my sisters but even when Christmas Eve is just around the corner, I still haven't found something for my Granny. Christmas gifts for elderly relatives can be particularly difficult to get right. Granny already has everythng she's ever wanted and more! I'd like to give her something she'll use and love but I don't want to resort to soap, socks or hankies. So what to do? Well, I decided to get ahead of the game this year and do my research early before time pressure stops me thinking clearly! I've done some scouring of the internet to see what's out there and put together my favourites. Here it is, our top 5 gifts for Elderly Relatives:

    Cheese Cutting Board

    A common problem for elderly people is shakey hands. It is a symptom of various conditions including neurological disorders. It can be disconcerting to watch your relative struggle with a sharp knife as they attempt to prepare food. The gift of a cheese slicing board could help your elderly relative to make their own lunch without using a sharp knife. Not only that, but these handmade boards are a beautiful addition to the kitchen and would be appreciated by any cheese lover regardless of hand tremors!il_570xN.1271340737_nlq2

      Torch light sensor

      If you're a little unstable on your feet, it can be troubling to navigate the house in the dark. It's especially worrying in the event of a power cut where darkness is sudden and unexpected. This night light is just what you need! It is a motion sensor night light for everyday (or every night!) use but is also an emergency torch! Sitting in its wall-mounted unit, the torch charges up from the mains and will turn on automatically if there is a power cut. This makes it really easy to find in the dark! Because the 6, super-bright LED's are powered by the mains, not by batteries, it won't let you down in an emergency! 61GCkb8y2HL._SL1024_

        Grandparent memory book

        Being curious about my family history and how the world has changed in just a few lifetimes, I love this idea. A keepsake book for grandparents to fill in about their own past. I can imagine sitting with my Granny next time I visit her and noting down her answers to my questions. It would be a lovely record for my daughter and for future generations. There are various versions available but this one from Etsy is my favourite! il_570xN.1200890654_6py2

          Boot Jack

          Bending can be difficult and downright dangerous when you get older. Anything that can help avoid falls is a good thing! A Boot Jack is a useful tool for any house, no more handling muddy boots or struggling to pull shoes off with while holding bags. These are made from recycled horseshoes and I think they're charming! Wombles_Shoes_2_006 Gifts-FOR-ELDERLY-RELATIVES-BOOT-JACK

          Breville Hot Cup - Variable Water Dispenser

          This brilliant gadget is another ideal gift for elderly relatives with shaky hand problems. Boiling water can cause serious burns and be very painful. Handling a kettle can be a risky business if you can't rely on your hands to stay still. With this machine installed in the kitchen, you can have boiling water on tap within 40 seconds!81jSYT9qP6L._SX697_

          Thanks for reading, we hope you found something your relatives will love! And don't forget, we have a whole range of fabulous products at which would make perfect gifts for elderly relatives. For example...

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