Show your style and share your stories! #MeAndMyBlueBadge

Celebrating the Blue Badge mission

Show your style with a colourful blue badge wallet! Show your style with a colourful blue badge wallet!
Ellen started Blue Badge Company in 2011 because her and her friend, a blue badge holder, were fed up of the universally dull options available to disabled consumers at that time. They started hand stitching fabric wallets for the blue badge permit with the aim of injecting some style into the disability market. The two friends didn't see any reason why having a medical condition or limited mobility should mean that certain people shouldn't be able to express their style and buy desirable products that actually say something about their personality, so they continued to make wallets in a range of bright and fun designs, and of course people were drawn to them straight away! Our customers have often told us that they were previously embarrassed to get their disabled parking permit out in front of people, but that since having a stylish cover to keep it in they've felt proud to show it off. This is exactly how we want people to feel! If our products can brighten someone's day and make an everyday task (such as displaying their blue badge in the car) a bit more cheerful, then we have succeeded in what Blue Badge Company set out to achieve. The same goes for the other products that we have developed since the wallets - if you need to use a heat pack to soothe your aches and pains, why does it have to be beige or hospital blue? Why not use one with elephants or flowers on it!?
blue-badge-lap-tray-sofa-friend Let's start a community and swap stories (over a cuppa, of course!)

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We're all about adding a splash of colour to your world and we want to celebrate the difference that these small changes can make to your lives. That's why were launching a new project called #MeAndMyBlueBadge and we're so excited for you to get involved! We'd love to see your selfies showing off your blue badge wallets and to hear about what they mean to you. Maybe you bought your mum or your brother a Blue Badge Company permit cover in their favourite colour? Post a photo of them and tell us what they love about it! You can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just make sure you tag your photos with #MeAndMyBlueBadge and we will add them to our Facebook album. This will create a fabulous gallery of positive stories and smiling faces - an inclusive community where sharing is caring! Thank you to all of our lovely customers who have supported us from the beginning, it's because of you that we can continue to make products that enhance independence and enrich lives. We can't wait to hear from you and celebrate your stories!
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