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Alex Hits The Big Time! | Blue Badge Co on TV

Blue Badge Co's Alex Sinclair on Channel 5's The Special Needs Employment Agency

We are very excited to announce that our colleague, Alex Sinclair will feature on Channel 5’s Special Needs Employment Agency this Thursday at 10pm! Back in 2016, Alex was filmed as part of a documentary following six people with various disabilities as they search for their dream job. During filming, Alex came for his interview at the Blue Badge Co. Needless to say (spoiler alert!) He got the job. Alex has been working with us for 2 years now and is a valued team member.
    Alex was registered with Pluss at the time of filming the documentary, a specialist agency supporting disabled people to find employment opportunities. It is Blue Badge Co.'s first port of call when we find ourselves short staffed!The Special Needs Employment Agency “I felt I had a lot to offer to employers, but I struggled to find good opportunities. When I found Pluss they helped me to find the opportunities that I’d been searching for as well as building my confidence and broadening skill set. Pluss found me two job opportunities, one of which was at a bakery, where I did a trial night shift. It was a long night but a great experience! The second interview that they helped me get was for Blue Badge Co. The interview went really well and it was something new for me, which is exactly what I was looking for. I was invited back for a trial shift where I was trained on assembling RADAR disabled toilet keys. I have found working at Blue Badge Co, very rewarding and welcoming. It is like a family. The people I work with they are very supportive and lovely. I have moved from working in catering, to working in a production team and the transition has been very easy and smooth” Alex Sinclair

      Blue Badge Co Inclusive Employment Initiative

      Blue Badge Co are committed to creating new jobs for disadvantaged groups who may have multiple or complex barriers making access to employment more difficult. Through our Inclusive Employment Initiative, we offer jobs and training to people with learning and physical disabilities. Nearly half – over 40 percent – of Blue Badge Co’s staff are registered disabled or are primary caregivers and we are committed to maintaining this proportion as the business grows. We make useful products to enhance independence and enrich people’s lives. It’s beneficial to have a team with a first-hand appreciation of various disabilities, from mental illness to visual impairments. We engage our workforce in the product development process to ensure new products are in line with current customer demands and meet the needs of our target market. Our flexible out-worker scheme is also ideal for primary caregivers because they can manage the workload around their domestic responsibilities. Much of the outwork is piece work so employees are able to work at their own pace. Here at Blue Badge Co. we are proud to stand for inclusion and equal opportunities. Our employees are exceptionally dedicated and loyal, with lower sickness rates, better timekeeping and high attendance.

      See For Yourself How Alex Got on in His Interview

      After a long period of anticipation, we’re all thrilled that the programme will finally be aired this week. The Special Needs Employment Agency Watch the first episode of The Special Needs Employment Agency on Channel 5 this Thursday at 10pm. I have a seat booked on the sofa and will be tweeting along to the show! If you want to join in, simply follow @BlueBadgeCo on Twitter and say “hello!” and use the Hashtag #MissionEmployment Follow the employment agency that supported Alex @PlussInspires and @PlussWest We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday! Find out more about the Pluss agency you can find them here: Thanks for reading and best wishes from Blue Badge Co
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