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Crutches With Charisma! These Wonderful Walking Aids Will Keep You a Step Ahead!

Introducing Glamsticks™ Crutches! These are not just any crutches, oh no. Here at Blue Badge Co we are firm believers that living aids should not be limited to dull, medical items with no personality. We believe that utility needn’t mean utilitarian. Function can be fun, sensible can be stylish practical can be personal.

Make Your Necessities Fabulous Accessories!

For most things that we use every day, we get to choose how we’d like it to look. Our wallets, purses, handbags, phones & phone cases, our umbrellas and our hats. We choose these things to match our taste and our personality and there’s a huge range of options out there! If you need a walking aid, you’re going to be carrying it with you every day so why wouldn’t you want that to match your personality too? That’s why we love Sharon Farley-Mason, the woman behind the fabulous Glamsticks™! Whether it’s a walking stick or crutches you need, between us we’ve got it covered, quite literally! Glamsticks™ are covered in gorgeous rhinestones to add a touch of glamour to what would otherwise be a necessary but let’s face it, unattractive accessory.

When is a Crutch not a Crutch? When it's a Glamstick™!

GLAMSTICKS-CRUTCHES-ENCRUSTED-WITH-DIAMANTE-RHINESTONESSHARON-FARLEY-MASON-GLAMSTICKS GLAMSTICKS-CRUTCHES-ENCRUSTED-WITH-DIAMANTE-RHINESTONES Let's hear from the wonderful Sharon Farley-Mason about how her business, Glamsticks™ is changing perceptions and experiences of disability by bringing glamour and personality to a very clinical world. What do you think of when you hear the Word “crutches ” ? Like the majority of the population, you probably have an image of the standard NHS crutches given out when you hurt your leg, well we are here to change things! Since 2009 Glamsticks™ has been making bespoke crutches. These crutches are functional and also pretty beautiful too. So much so that they are a great fashion accessory to any outfit. The amazing thing about Glamsticks™ crutches is they are used by all ages & people from all walk’s of life. They are made to measure for each customer so no two pairs or individual crutches are the same. Glamsticks™ have customers who have a collection of crutches; one lady in particular has around 9 pairs of crutches and counting!

Bespoke Service

Our service is bespoke, which means the customer gets a say in the design from start to finish. One particular lady has a leopard print design and another lady has multiple images on them such as castles, and a tea cup. It makes the process extremely personal to the individual client. I have a catalogue for crutch design’s on my website however I am always open to idea’s and suggestions for future projects. The Crutches also are available as folding item for ease of portability or for those in wheelchairs or just personal preference.

Glamsticks™ Can Help You Feel Unique & More Confident

Over the years I have built up some beautiful friendships through Glamsticks™. As a disabled person and crutch user myself I understand the brief of needing a Crutch. Part of that is The need to be accepted to feel part of society Glamsticks™ crutches are something truly special and help people feel unique. Just a point to remember is that a crutch is quiet slim so don't be too ambitious with your design as some of the details may get lost. Below is the link for my website, where you will find all the designs and details. I am fortunate to have achieved many accolades along the way, these include:- I have just learned that I am a finalist for the Enterprise Vision Awards EVA for woman in business, EVA 2017 Winner of @Jacqueline_Gold #WOW Award April 2016 Winner of “Business Of The Week” Award May 2016 Winner of Mobility Product of the Year 2011, and voted Top Ten Best Mobility Product 2011 So if you ever find yourself needing to use a Crutch, don’t despair, Glamsticks™ will make you feel like you have a beautiful new accessory on your arm.
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