The Top Terror-ific Halloween Costumes Embracing Disabilities

The Top Terror-ific Halloween Costumes Highlighting Disabilities

Halloween costumes created by (and for) people with physical disabilities are incredibly creative, admiring and inspirational.

We’re so happy to see that these people are not only embracing, but enhancing their physical disabilities with a positive attitude and loads of confidence. Check out five of our favourite Halloween costumes this 2019!


Disabled boy transforms into Superman flying over Metropolis

This little guy has converted his wheelchair into the city of Metropolis as he proudly takes the role of Superman. He is ready to save the world from all the ghoulish monsters running the streets in a fight to get candy!

Scary make-up art!

April creates not only an amazingly scary costume but great positivity towards her disability to help those in the same position

April from Chicago, USA, took to YouTube for make-up tutorials to create her Halloween costume. She said she has reached a "peaceful medium" and that she is proud to enhance her disability to encourage other people with physical disabilities to feel more positive about themselves. As an amputee, April claims that Halloween is like her Christmas.

UP we go!

Adorable two-year old dresses up as the main character from UP for Halloween

From one of our favourite Pixar films, we have this adorable two-year old named Brantley who has dressed up as the infamous elderly character Carl Fredericksen. He is melting hearts across the world with his first ever trick-or-treating costume.

This young boy has an admiring amount of strength considering he has been fighting cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease and stage 3 kidney disease. Our thoughts are always with you Brantley!

The Genius Genie!

Former Paralympian steps out of the creative box with his famous Halloween costumes

Former Paralympic ski racer Josh Sundquist is famous for his creative Halloween costumes that highlights his amputated leg. The US comedy star and best-selling author was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was nine-years old. He said it would have been impossible to achieve anything without embracing his body the way that he does.

Josh wore a prosthetic for a many years to hide his disability, but now he couldn't be shining with more confidence. Josh is an absolute star and he loves to brightens people’s day on his Instagram posts, keep an eye out!

The Captain Has Arrived!

The new Han Solo has arrived in his famous Millennium Falcon spacecraft

Five-year old Sebastian is ready for take-off in his handmade replica of the famous Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Sebastian's parents went to great lengths to dress him up as Han Solo - they even imported his speech button to allow him to communicate with some of Han Solo’s famous movie lines.

With three weeks of building, the effort Sebastian’s parents went to is incredible and it has been a great success!

We've seen many other fascinating Halloween costumes that celebrate and embrace physical disabilities. The creativity and effort put into these costumes is inspiring and we would love to see more!

If you have any images of your Halloween costumes then please send them to us. Alternatively, you can send us photos of how you've decorated your house for Halloween, or even just your carved pumpkins.

We'll pick our favourite images, feature them in an article, and share them on our website and social media platforms. Then, we will narrow it down to our number one who will have the chance to WIN something scarily special!

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