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blue-badge-lap-tray-sofa-friendDo you have a happy memory with friends involving one of our products? Tell us all about it!

Why should I register for an account on Blue Badge Company?

Registering for an account on our website allows you to checkout more quickly and earn points every time you shop. You can also leave stories about products you have bought and we will treat you to some extra points for each one that we approve! All your reward points add up and they never expire, so you can keep saving them up and splash out on something for yourself, or gift them to a friend so they can get a discount on their own order. Every time you shop we'll give you points worth 10% of your order subtotal and 10 reward points are equivalent to £1, so you can quickly earn big discounts on future orders!

Our Reward Points Scheme - Quick Tips

10 Reward Points are equivalent to £1. Every time you submit a product story and it is approved by us we will treat you to 10 reward points. Every time you place an order we will treat you to some reward points. We are currently treating customers to points worth 10% of the product cost (that's excluding any VAT and delivery charges and before any other discounts are applied) for every order you place. So, if you place an order that has a sub-total of £100 (i.e. before the delivery costs, VAT and any other discounts), we’ll treat you to 100 points worth £10.
Our blue badge wallets are hand made with love in Bristol! Our blue badge wallets are hand made with love in Bristol!
Reward points are available to spend following completion of your order and receipt of payment. Reward points never expire! You can choose how many points you’d like to have deducted from your order before you checkout. We even treat you to more reward points when you spend your existing reward points - so you never run out. You can gift your your reward points to another registerd user on the site (make sure you get the right email address - check with them first if in doubt).

What should I include in my stories?

We would love to read stories from people who have bought our products and also people who have been involved in making them! Tell us all about what your blue badge wallet means to you, or what your friend thought of the mini hot water bottle you got her for her birthday. If the lap tray you got your grandad allows him to enjoy his dinner in front of his favourite TV programme, we want to hear about it! We make our lovely home comforts because we want to brighten up the everyday and improve people's lives, so let's celebrate the little things and share them with others who might also benefit!
Share what you love about your Blue Badge product, like this story from Carol! Share what you love about your Blue Badge product, like this story from Carol!
You can find out more about our reward points scheme here. Setting up an account is quick and easy, just follow this link and enter your details so you can start saving today!
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