Bridges and Tolls For Disabled Drives

Blue Badge Holder Exemptions from Bridges and Toll Charges

Our informative guide to exemption from the Bridges and Toll Charges in the UK. Could you be exempt from paying to travel on many roads and bridges in the uk?

It's the Merry Month of May and chances are you're starting to get out and about a bit more to enjoy the warmer weather. But so is everyone else! Welcome to the traffic, the jams and the delays... But to make your journey a little less stressful, it helps to plan ahead. Decide which way you're going and where you're going to stop before you set off. And while planning your journey, bear in mind that as a Blue Badge Permit holder you may well be exempt from paying expensive bridges and toll charges so don't let them get in the way of your prefferred route! 15bce7e3c5f56c98603e914a31201704

Severn Crossing

Unlike some other bridges and tolls roads, all you have to do at the Severn Crossing is show your Blue Badge Permit to the person in the booth as you pass for the badge details to be checked and recorded. Vehicles registered as Tax Exempt can sometimes be exempt even in the absence of a Blue Badge Holder, you can find out more on our information page.

M6 Toll

You must apply in advance for free passage on the M6 Toll Road and specify the nominated vehicle. You need to apply to Midland Expressway Limited for a Mobility Exemption Pass. Other evidence of disability (e.g. Blue Badge) will not be accepted. You must be on the higher rate disability living allowance and be Road Tax Exempt in order to qualify for free passage. Here is the number to call to ask about the mobility exemption pass with the M6 toll: 03306 600790

The Dartford Crossing

You don't need to apply in advance to make this crossing free of charge but you do need to pay in advance if you are not exempt! It is no longer possible to pay for your crossing at the barriers so each crossing is paid for in advance or by midnight the following day. It is free to use the crossing overnight, from 10pm to 6am. During the day you will still have to pay if you are not exempt from vehicle tax or are in a vehicle which is not exempt from vehicle tax. If you are exempt from vehicle tax and travelling in your Tax Exempt vehicle, you do not have to pay. You don't need to do anything to get the exemption, your vehicle is automatically checked by the DVLA as you cross. For more information on how to get vehicle tax exemption see You can also contact the Dart Charge team on: 0300 300 0120

The Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge concessions for disabled badge holders In Advance: The Humber Bridge Board provides toll exemption for people in receipt of the higher rate of mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance and who have a tax-exempt vehicle, i.e. a Motability car. The disabled person does not have to be the driver. As with many bridges and tolls charges, if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance and have a tax exempt vehicle such as a Motability car, you will be exempt from the Humber Bridge toll. You must apply in advance by completing an application form and sending it, along with a copy of their tax exemption certificate and a copy of the vehicles tax disc or vehicle registration document, to Humber Bridge Board, Ferriby Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, England, HU13 0JG . Successful applicants will then be sent 20 vouchers for free passage, one to be handed in per journey made. The disabled person MUST be present when an exemption voucher is used. If you use all 20 vouchers, you can re-apply for more. THere is no limit to the number of vouchers a person can claim. If you have any queries please contact the Humber Bridge administration office on (01482) 647161.

Itchen Bridge (A3025 Woolston-Southampton)

People who receive the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance are exempt from toll charges at The Itchen Bridge. The disabled person is provided with an identity card (Smartcard) and tokens which allow them free crossing in any vehicle (with the exception of HGV vehicles). Contact details: Itchen Bridge (Concession Dept.) Itchen Toll Bridge Portsmouth Road Woolston, Southampton Postcode: SO19 9AD Telephone: 023 8083 3008 or more information see:

Clifton Suspension Bridge (B3129 West of Bristol)

People exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (Road tax) or who receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, can request a Disabled Concession Application Form to allow 12 months of unlimited crossings at a concessionary rate of £10. Forms are available in person from a bridge attendant on production of the relevant certification or you can request in advance by phone or email: Tel: 0117 973 1579 Email: Website:
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