Blue Badge Co - Living Independently

Blue Badge Co-Living Independently

Here at Blue Badge Co, we are constantly trying to expand our product portfolio to meet the demands of our customers. Our new everyday products aim to help people with everyday struggles and allow living independently. All our new products are typical of Blue Badge standards, offering high-quality practical solutions.

Swivel Cushion

Living independently | Non-slip mobility aid | lightweight and thin | ideal for people with restricted mobility that have difficulties twisting and turning | Swivel Cushion | Machine Washable | Rotating Seat Cushion | swivel seat for car | swivel car seat cushion | swivel car seat for adults | swivel car seat for elderly | best swivel seat cushion for car | rotating car seat cushion | rotating seat cushion | swivel car cushion for disabled | mobility swivel car seat | swivel car seat cushion for elderly | swivel chair pad Blue Badge Co Swivel Cushion For Car Seat in Navy
Our all-new swivel cushion is the best of its kind. Offering a smooth turning motion minimising any discomfort, we are really excited to have this product on our website. The Swivel Cushion is the in-car solution for living independently in style. Perfect if you need extra help for getting in and out of the car, avoiding painful jarring or twisting. Ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. Also, the swivel cushion has a removable cover that is washable.

Grip and Twist Non-Slip Mat Range

Non-slip mat | Anti-slip mat | Non-slip kitchen mat | Anti-slip mat roll | Machine Washable | Multipurpose mat | Anti-skid mat | Multipurpose mat | Everyday use Blue badge Co Grip and Roll Non-slip Mat Range
Our new product range of grip and twist mats made up of three different sizes. Re-usable and easy to clean with reactivation non-slip properties. Simply wash with soapy water, rinse and dry. Suitable for everyday use and makes living independently easier. Mini Non-Slip Mats- This product comes in multi-pack of three. They are ideal for undoing tight lids such as jam jars or as drink coasters. Medium Non-Slip Mats- This product comes in a multi-pack of two. Ideal to use under chopping boards, plates and kitchen accessories. Large Non Slip Mat- The large non-slip mat is ideal for the larger items that won't stop moving. These could include; laptops, serving trays, draining boards and lap trays.

Bathroom Mats

Bath Mat | Anti-slip Mat | Shower Mat | Draining Surface | Comfortable | Soft | Slip Resistance | Anti-bacterial | Anti-mould | Corner mat | Everyday Use Blue Badge Co Bath Mat in Navy
All our bathroom mats are soft, comfortable and free draining. With added strong grip suckers in a new configuration, they have successfully completed Slip Resistance testing. The materials used in the product combine an anti-microbial 'silver' additive which actively inhibits mould and bacterial growth. The mats are machine washable at 40°C and allowed to dry naturally. Suitable for everyday use. Bath Mat - Getting out the bath can be a challenging and dangerous task for anyone. Our Bath mat gives you the confidence and safety needed to get into the bath in a comfortable manner. Shower Mat - This anti-slip shower mat in white gives you confidence on slippery surfaces and minimises risks of falls or injury. Corner Shower Mat - Don't think because your shower is an awkward shape you have to endure the risk of slipping! Our corner shower mat can let you get in and out of the shower without a worry in mind.

Navy Cool Bag Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley | Grocery Shopping Aid | Walking support | Ergonomic grip | Cool bag | Modern design | Geometric Pattern | Zip pocket | Foldable | Folding frame| Stainless steel frame | Cooling bag | Easy to manoeuvre| Independent Lifestyle Products | Blue Badge Co | Independent Lifestyle | Everyday Use Blue Badge Co. Navy Cool Bag Shopping Trolley
Tired of worrying about your groceries going warm after you shop? No-one likes warm milk, right? We have you covered! This cool navy shopping trolly has a cooler-bag liner fitted around the whole inside. Keeping grocery shopping fresh and safe until you get home. It's extremely easy to manoeuvre thanks to its ergonomic handle and 2 big wheels. Features a small zip pocket on the back to store smaller objects like keys and small wallets, or phone and can be folded and stored away easily.
Handybar | Car Bar | Support Bar | Mobility Assitance | Universal Product | Handle | Support Handle | Soft Grip | Non-Slip | Portable Bar | Everyday Use Blue Badge Co Handybar Car Support bar

Handybar Car Support Bar

Getting in and out of your car is an everyday task that for some of us can be a difficult manoeuvre. The Handybar is the perfect tool to get in and out of the vehicle easily and comfortably. It's soft-grip, non-slip handle creates a safe, solid support handle where it is needed. How does it work? The Handy Bar fits the majority of vehicles with the U-shaped striker. The U-shaped striker plate is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is designed to keep your vehicle door closed in the event of a side-impact collision. The Handy bar inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame, providing a sturdy support handle. The Handy Bar also incorporates a seat belt cutter and glass breaker to help leave a vehicle quickly and easily in the event of an accident. Here is a useful link about staying independent: https://life.spectator.co.uk/articles/how-to-stay-independent-as-you-get-older/
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