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Blue Badge Co - Disabled Car Stickers #SAYITWITHASTICKER

Aiming to raise awareness for disabilities around the UK with a simple, light-hearted and effective approach. Letting the voice of disabled people be heard #sayitwithasticker.

The story behind the campaign #sayitwithasticker

Here at Blue Badge Co, we value our customers, therefore, any feedback is taken on board. Following up a comment from a customer surrounding disabled car stickers, our market research has led us to appreciate an ever-growing current issue. The issue lies with the approach to disabled parking, lack of consideration and understanding on the road. As a result, we have discovered endless stories of problems that disabled road users face day-to-day: “They parked too close, I couldn’t get my wheelchair out the car” “I was approached and shouted at because they couldn’t see I had a disability” “A fully able member of the public took my space and I had to park down the road” “My disabled son was scared when someone was driving carelessly in front of us”

Avoid confrontation, handmade signs and unwanted stress #sayitwithasticker.

Say it with a sticker campaign Let your voice be heard without saying a word. Avoid confrontation, handmade signs and unwanted stress, #sayitwithasticker.

Who are we?

Blue Badge Co is a Bristol business that designs and makes beautiful independent lifestyle products. Being a small, dynamic and flexible company we are constantly on the lookout for new ventures. Our new campaign to help diminish lack of consideration, awareness and understanding surrounding Blue Badge road users is underway.

How we aim to help?

Our #sayitwithasticker campaign aims to give disabled people a voice with no confrontation, giving the opportunity of a personalised message from our array of sticker choices. With over 14 different messages to choose from finding the message that best fits you should be easy.

Our Website Promotion to launch the Disabled Car Stickers Campaign

To promote the campaign and raise awareness, we will be sending out Free Disabled Car Stickers with every car-related purchase on our website.
  1. Choose your in-car product (Swivel Cushion, Parking Permit Cover, HandyBar)
  2. Add your favourite sticker to the basket
  3. Use the code FREESTICKER at checkout.
  4. The price of the sticker will be deducted from the order.
  5. Once you receive the car sticker, all you have to do is share a picture of it on your car window on social media.
  6. Share the picture using the hashtag #SayItWithASticker and tag @bluebadgeco.

Why is it important you do it?

To help others in need and spread awareness around the reason behind the campaign. Once you have purchased your sticker from Blue Badge Co, send us a photo of the sticker on your car or share it on social media using the hashtag #sayitwithasticker and tagging @bluebadgeco. Follow our Twitter and Instagram like our facebook page to support and stay updated on the campaign.
Disabled Car Stickers Disability Car Sticker Campaign Say it with a sticker
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