Lean On Me | Folding Walking Stick Valentine's Day Gift

Lean On Me | Folding Walking Stick Valentine's Day Gift

Why Our Folding Walking Stick With Storage Bag Makes The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

This Valentine's Day, show the one you love that you're here to support them with the gift of a Folding Walking Stick. Folding Walking Stick Valentines GiftWhat could say "I Love You" more than showing you care for your beloved's well-being and want to make every day easier for them? Be there for your loved one with every step. Give the gift of support. Our folding walking sticks are made to the highest specifications. They can support up to 100kg and are compression tested.

From Medical Prop to Cherished Possession

Blue Badge Co Folding Walking Stick Valentines Gift Maybe your beloved has recently discovered they would be better off walking with a stick. Maybe it's a more serious matter and a stick is now an essential walking aid. It can be a difficult thing to hear and to accept. Make the transition easier by giving the gift of support. A walking stick needn't just be a medical prop, highlighting a disability. It can be an elegant accessory which fits in with your style and personality. By giving a walking stick as a gift, you can make it a thoughtful, cherished possession which your loved one will think of in a positive way and be pleased to have around.

    Encouragement While Recovering From An Injury

    Perhaps the one you love is recovering from an injury or illness which had left them unable to walk. Now they are beginning to recover and are able to walk with a walking stick. Give the gift of support as they grow in strength and confidence towards greater mobility.
          Blue Badge Co Folding Walking Stick Valentines GiftBlue Badge Co Folding Walking Stick Valentines GiftA bright and cheerful walking stick, given with love, will give your Valentine encouragement every time they take it in their hands! If your beloved already has a walking stick, it's the perfect time to give the gift of a replacement. Turn that tired old prop into a fancy fashion statement! Gorgeous colours with a metallic sheen, really stand out from the crowd.
                Complete Your Gift With One Of Our Gorgeous Storage Bags! To make your Folding Walking Stick gift really special, choose a storage bag from our range of stylish prints and fabrics. Many of our fabrics compliment the colours of the walking sticks perfectly. Find one to suit the taste of your loved one and we will package the Walking Stick and Bag in a lovely presentation box, making it the perfect present. Our Emma Bridgewater LOVE print Storage Bag is perfect to complete your Valentine's Day gift. On SALE now on our website WAS £20 NOW £16 Buy Now from our website www.bluebadgecompany.co.uk Blue Badge Co Folding Walking Stick Valentines Gift Blue Badge Co Folding Walking Stick Valentines Gift Blue Badge Co Emma Bridgewater Travel Set Valentines Gift

                Emma Bridgewater 'LOVE' Print Travel Set

                Make your gift extra special by giving your loved one the complete Emma Bridgwater 'LOVE' Travel Set. Comprising Storage Bag for Walking Stick, Blue Badge Wallet and RADAR Key with Keyring. Folding Walking Stick sold separately.

                Folding Walking Stick Demonstration Video

                Watch our CEO Ellen Green, demonstrate how to unfold and re-fold our Folding Walking Sticks: Thankyou for reading and best wishes from Blue Badge Co
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