International Friendship Day 2020 - Say Thanks

International Friendship Day – a light in these dark times

Because COVID-19 has caused the UK to go into lockdown and self-isolation, people have faced loneliness and sadness. But as the UK reopens and International Friendship Day 2020 is near, we find this a great time to celebrate with gifts and show appreciation towards friends and loved ones.

Felt alone in lockdown?

A survey suggested 2 in 5 adults felt alone during lockdown because of self-isolation. However, this has led people to adapt to this new online lifestyle and found creative ways of staying in touch and be there for one another.

Creativity in lockdown

The UK population have been getting creative to stay in contact and have some fun with their friends while self-isolating. From Zoom quizzes to online group workouts, people have pulled together and managed to stay closer than ever! In a dark time for our World's history, we've kept positive mindsets and safeguarded our mental health turning self-isolation into self-development.

International Friendship Day 2020 Creativity in lockdown
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash


We reinvented our selves and dedicated more time to what matters in life. We have found a sense of purpose in our communities, helping those in need and have smiled at inspiring stories of people doing awesome things for their loved ones far away.
A young man showed his love surprising his grandmother with a social-distanced piano performance!

International Friendship Day 2020

International Friendship Day 2020 marks a great chance to celebrate friendship during these dark times. It is the day to express your gratitude and appreciation to all your friends, old and new ones and let loved ones know how important they are to you.

If you are interested in the history of International Friendship Day, find out what it means here.

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