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How to win the fight against Blue Badge Theft

For many disabled people, a Blue Badge is a lifeline.

A Blue Badge allows people to:

  • Park closer to their destinations
  • Use spaces that have extra room at the sides so that they can get in and out more easily
  • It reduces the costs of parking in a lot of local authorities.

    Blue Badge theft, a real issue

    When you hear that the theft of disable parking permits is a real issue, it can feel frightening. The prospect of being without your special parking permit due to somebody else's crime can mean:

    • administrative hassle
    • wasting your time calling for a replacement
    • shelling out cash to get your new one
    • waiting for your replacement to arrive before you have that peace of mind again.

    After that, you might always worry about whether your new parking permit will be stolen again. In the last five years, Blue Badge theft has gone up sixfold. It has increased by 45% in the last 12 months. Stolen disable parking permits are sold on and misused by people who are not disabled and do not need the extra help a Blue Badge offers, and many local authorities are taking no action against those who are using the passes fraudulently.

      What fraudsters do 

      Stolen Blue Badges allow fraudsters to use the rare spaces dedicated to disabled drivers and passengers, and can ultimately start to prevent disabled people from trying to go out and use the facilities designed for them.


        Today, you don't have to worry about your Blue Badge security any longer: we have produced a lockable Blue Badge wallet, designed to avoid theft and reassure users. The lockable disable parking permit cover allows you to protect, store and display your wallet safely. It locks to your steering wheel and is a visible deterrent that will put thieves off if they are tempted to steal it from you.