Medication Management Pill Box Instructions

Blue Badge Co is always looking for solutions to help with day to life, making simple tasks a little bit easier.

Pill Boxes

Our pill boxes have been designed to be used by people with health conditions or their careers, to make life a little bit easier.

It’s vital that pill management is kept on top of. It doesn’t need to be a laborious task with the right simply solution in place. Our pill boxes are perfect to help manage your medication and to keep track of your pill schedule, ensuring that medication is taken regularly and on time.

Our seven day pill boxes help keep a weeks worth of medication organized. Featuring 7 individual and labelled compartments to help you keep on top of your health management.

How to Use

These easy to use pill boxes make it easy to keep track of weather you have taken your medication. 

The weekly pill boxes are easy to open – hold the entire box in your hand and gently press down on the lid with the index finger of the other hand.

This makes it easier to open using your thumb. 

Prior to use wash / rinse the pill box – it is dishwasher safe. We advise that the pill box is always washed before refilling or changing its contents.

Important Information

Pay attention to any specific storage conditions for medications such as sensitivity to light and temperature. Refer to the medication packaging for storage advice. In case of uncertainty please consult with your pharmacist or medication manufacturer. We do not assume liability for the incorrect use of this pillbox or incorrect intake of medication.

The use of the pill box by those with mental disabilities should always be supervised by a trained person.