Winter Warmers | Ten Tips For Keeping Warm

Winter Warmers | Ten Tips For Keeping Warm

Ten Top Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter Without Turning Up The Thermostat

Those long winter nights may be getting steadily shorter but the temperature still falls closer to zero more often than we'd like. Keeping warm can be a daily struggle if the budget doesn't stretch as far as the heating bills rise. Our winter warmers will help you keep the costs down and your body temperature up. We've been wracking our brains to find ways to stay warm without whacking up the thermostat and racking up the debts! So here are the Blue Badge Company's Top Ten Tips for keeping warm and cosy as well as some of our very own products designed to keep the chills at bay:

    1. Layer up your clothing!The benefits of layering should not be underestimated. Not only are you providing your body an extra insulation but you're also trapping warm air between the layers of clothing. Start with a vest. Wear a cotton or even woolen vest next to the skin to trap body heat and add an extra layer under your clothes. Avoid synthetic fabrics as they can cause sweating; your body's natural method of cooling you down, the opposite of what we're aiming for! Unless they're specially designed technical clothing, synthetic fabrics don't allow your skin to 'breathe' resulting in you overheating, sweating and cooling down. And don't forget what Granny always told you, wear an extra jumper! blue-badge-company-hot-water-bottle

      2. Use a hot water bottle.

      Whether tucked up in bed with you on a winter's night or sitting on your knee on the sofa, a hot water bottle is a firm friend when the temperature drops! Some form of hot water bottle has been around since the 16th century as a simple and effective way of preheating the bed or keeping yourself warm. I have one resting on my lower back right now, warming me up a treat! Here at Blue Badge Co, we like to make our hot water bottles not just an essential but also a luxury item so you'll find them snuggled up in the loveliest, quality fabrics and finished with satin ribbon, a perfect gift. They come in two sizes and are available in several gorgeous prints. Find our full range here in our online shop

        3. Wear a hat and scarf.

        You have probably heard that we can lose up to 45% of our body heat through our heads? Well, this myth has apparently been debunked by the British Medical Journal who claim it stems from a 1950's study looking at Arctic explorers and how much heat they lost if they didn't wear a hat! Whilst it may not be a whopping 45%, we definitely lose heat through our heads. Don't be shy about wearing a hat indoors if you're chilly, maybe even get yourself a night-cap, and I'm talking about the fabric variety, not a sneaky brandy! Scarves are not just for outdoors either, wearing a small silk scarf or neckerchief around the house will help keep the cold off your throat and chest and can make a big difference to overall body temperature. new_nelly_lavender_wheat_warmer-412-noths-min

          4. Use Wheat Warmers

          A more versatile alternative to the hot water bottle, wheat warmers mold comfortably to the body and can be used to target specific areas of pain as well as for keeping warm. They are particularly good for wearing around the neck and are ideal for those who would rather not handle hot kettles. Just pop them in the microwave for 2 mins and place wherever you need heating up! They make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who suffers from the cold; Blue Badge Company make these winter wonders in a beautiful range of fabrics, with easy to remove, washable covers and with the option of unscented or with natural Lavender. Take a look here.

            5. Wear wrist warmers and leg warmers!

            If you've never come across wrist warmers, they're like fingerless mittens with longer cuffs and they are surprisingly effective. Blood flows very close to the surface of the skin at the wrist, making them particularly vulnerable to cold. Wrist warmers warm the blood which not only keeps your hands warmer but also helps keep the rest of your body warm from the inside with all that heated blood pumping through it! I often wear them when writing as they keep me warm while allowing my hands to be free. Legwarmers do for your feet what wrist warmers do for your hands by warming up the blood. An extra pair of socks can impede circulation if they're even a little too tight, making your feet colder rather than warmer. Legwarmers are not just for 1980's street dancers & Jane Fonda workouts!

              6.Use draft excluders.

              Keep that cold air out of your cosy living areas! Whether its the fuzzy fringes around your windows and letterbox or the good old-fashioned sausage-dog bean-bag, draft excluders do what they profess to do; exclude drafts. If you don't already have one, the Blue Badge Team have put together a handy 'how to' guide so you can Make Your Own Wheat Bag Draft Excluder or make one as a present for an elderly relative who feels the cold!

                7. Have a warm drink or a hot meal.

                You deserve a brew after all that sewing! If your fingers and toes have gone cold it is partly because your blood flow has become concentrated on your core to heat your vital organs. You really need to get your circulation going to reach your extremities but you can also try drinking a cup of tea or a comforting hot chocolate to help warm up your insides and kick-start the process. Staying well-nourished will keep up your energy levels and your immune system.

                  8.Get insulated!

                  Apply for a government grant to insulate your home! As part of the government's ECO scheme, grants are available to all for home insulation of all kinds. There are no restrictions, no pay back required and no catches. It's first come first served, click here for more information:

                    9. Open and close your curtains!

                    Let the sunshine in! During the day, make sure you optimise heat from the winter sun. Though you may not feel it outside, through the glass of your windows you can really feel the heat from the sun even on a frosty day, let it heat your home! In the evening, be sure to close all the curtains to trap the heat from the day inside and stop any drafts from the windows. Door curtains are also very effective, especially for exterior doors.

                      10. Move about!

                      Get yourself moving in whatever way you can. Do what you are able to get the blood pumping and increase your circulation. Warming the blood heats you up from the inside which is the best kind of heat for chilly bodies. If you find yourself sitting still for too long, put on your favourite song and get moving! If you can, get up and dance and feel your temperature rise! Those with restricted movement, move whatever you can! Do an arm-chair dance, get your heart pumping and your blood flowing and you'll soon feel the benefit.
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