A selection of crutches in a wide range of colours
A photograph of a grey crutch against a wet, grey pavement I'm back in the land of grey. But, as you can just see in the corner, my red shoes cheer things up a bit
As soon as I figured out that I was going to be walking with a crutch in the long term, I knew I had to get one of my own. Because, while I'm forever grateful to the NHS for providing me with crutches in the first place, I quickly tired of how grey they were. So, thanks to eBay, my depressingly colourless mobility aid was replaced with a livelier, red one, and it felt much more me. A few weeks ago, however, my physio consigned the groovy red crutch to obscurity and, finding myself back in the grey land of epic greyness, I searched the web for alternatives. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are many more options for disabled and elderly people to find attractive mobility product options than ever before. This means that, just as we might express our personality and style through our clothes, bags and shoes, we can also extend that to our walking aids, equipment bags and other useful tools. Mobility aids can now be bright, colourful and stylish. I’m replacing my grey crutch with a far nicer turquoise one, and here are some other places you can get trendier, more attractive disability gear for yourself: A selection of crutches in a wide range of coloursSticking with crutches for a moment, Chic Aid do a wide range of coloured designs available, in full- and half-crutch designs. So if you’re a bright pink, orange or lilac kind of person, you can brighten up your days with some more cheerful walking aids. If you are looking for a pair that features more than one colour, check out their designer Ellipse crutches, too. If you’re never happier than when you’re surrounded by sparkly bling, GlamSticks is a must-see. Every GlamStick they sell is hand-crafted, and you can either choose from the designs on the site, or commission a custom, bespoke crutch. The gleaming gems really stand out; these crutches and walking sticks are absolutely stunning. If you can’t get enough diamante in your life, or if you have a special occasion such as a wedding or big party, a GlamStick will certainly make you feel like a princess. Or indeed a prince, for they have a ‘punk’ design for men, too. Attractive disability-related products aren’t just for crutches and sticks, of course. Rollators are products that certainly could benefit from some cheering up, and the Rollz Motion has done exactly that. A photograph of a modern-looking, orange-coloured rollatorThey come in orange, pale blue, white and purple, and their shape and contours are very different to what is normally available for this kind of product. And they don’t just look good, they have the features that disabled or elderly people would want, too, including the ability to be folded, cross doorsteps and curbs, height that can be adjusted, and easy manoeuvrability. Spokz allows wheelchair users to add stylish, attractive guards to their wheels. With a choice of ready-made designs, along with the option to use your own graphics, there really is something for everybody. For wheelchair-using kids, gloves are a great opportunity to introduce a bit of colour into the day. Kiddimoto Wheelchair Gloves are bright and fun, and they come in several designs for children to enjoy. Finally, something completely different. Amanda Keenan creates really beautiful, handmade catheter bag covers. Selling her products on Etsy as Ivysnotsoclinical, her designs range from Superman to pretty birds to vintage aeroplanes. Amanda explains that, after working in care, she was conscious that people with catheters or urostomies had their urine on show for all to see. So she invented her catheter bag covers to provide a bit of colour and dignity to people’s lives. Of course, at the Blue Badge Company we’re fans of bright, colourful disability accessories ourselves. Our Blue Badge Wallets come in dozens of colours and designs and are all available here.
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