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Thoughtful Little Christmas Presents for Disabled Adults or Elderly Relatives. Ideal Stocking Fillers!

Stocking Fillers are an important part of the Christmas Tradition in our family. My favourite thing on Christmas morning is waking up and discovering that "Father Christmas has been!" Delighted cries ring out all over the house as various family members, excitedly or reluctantly, emerge from slumbers and realise Christmas Day has finally arrived. We love this tradition so much that ALL family members of ALL ages are included. Stockings are hung and gifts are secretly distributed by and for everybody. This usually involves furtive sneaking about in the dark, startling each other on landings and great hilarity! To help you find the perfect Stocking Fillers for the big kids in your life, we have compiled a Stocking Fillers guide with a difference. We've focused on finding little things that will make a big difference and bring a big smile to the faces of elderly or disabled relatives.

    The Nimble

    This genius little device is as small as a thimble and sharp as a craft knife, but it can't cut you.

    It is exactly what you need to open tricky packaging safely and easily.

    Buy the Nimble here: Pretty Good Project


        RADAR Key with Italian Leather Keyring

        You can't go wrong with adding a genuine, quality RADAR key to your disabled or elderly loved one's stocking.

        An essential itemn for when you're out and about, able to open over 10,000 National Key Scheme Toilets around the country. Make it special by giving one with a premium quality Italian Leather keyring.

        Buy RADAR Key with Blue Badge Co Kensington Leather Key Ring Here: Blue Badge Co

        Stocking Fillers

        Net Bag For Walking Frame

          Simple and essential. This lightweight net bag will clip round most makes and models of walking frames making it possible to carry things from room to room at home or even small amounts of shopping.

          I have seen people attempting to carry plastic bags whilst using their walking frame with disastrous results (broken glass all over the pavement). This is a simple solution to an everyday problem which increases independence.

          Buy the Net Bag For Walking Frame Here: Complete Care Shop Net_Bag_for_Walking_Frame

          Non-Slip Bed Socks

          Ideal for these cold winter nights. Can't find your slippers in the dark? Don't worry, these gorgeouse knitted bedsocks are non-slip!

          From our great friends at Able Label, specialists in descreetly adapted clothing for those with limited mobility or decreased finger dexterity.

          Buy these bed socks from The Able Label


          Bracelet Buddy

          An indispensable little tool for helping to fasten bracelets.

          We've all been there, chasing the clasp round and round the wrist to try and fasten it with one hand. Those days are gone thanks to this handy little gadget.

          Buy Bracelet Buddy from


            Weekly Pill Box with Festive Case

            Turn a medical necessity into a stylish accessory!

            Blue Badge Co Weekly Pill boxes are sleek, ergonomic and easy to use. With generous compartments, so you can fit in several pills for each day. An ideal stocking filler for an elderly relative who has trouble remembering to take all their tablets. Various cases available to suit all tastes.

            Buy Blue Badge Co Weekly Pill Box Here: Blue Badge Co STOCKING-FILLERS

            Sixth Digit

            Another work of miniature genius, a little ring which fits around your finger with which to push buttons on many objects.

            The replaceable tips even work with touch-screens. Ideal for people who cannot use individual fingers due to hand function problems especially those with fingers that are curled up or floppy. The Sixth Digit allows the user to press keys on a keyboard, or press buttons without the other fingers pressing unwanted options. Use with touch-screens, keyboards, microwaves, remote controls etc.

            Buy the Sixth Digit from www.activehands.comSTOCKING-FILLERS-SIXTH-DIGIT

              Thank you for reading and a very Merry Christmas from all of us a Blue Badge Co. Image credit for stockings on the mantle piece: Laurie Rubin via Getty Images
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