Staff Picks For Christmas!
Are you in need of some ideas for Christmas presents for your friends and family? It can be tricky to find stylish gifts for people with disabilities, but that's exactly what we specialise in! Here's some inspiration from the team behind our handmade home comforts! Twit-Twoo Mini Hot Water Bottle Our Machinist Laura loves the Twit-Twoo Mini Hot Water Bottle with its purple satin ribbon and colourful print. The small size makes it manageable and ideal for targeted pain relief. blue-badge-company-hot-water-bottle William Morris Golden Lily Wash Bag Set William Morris fan Ane, our Workroom Manager, has her eye on the Golden Lily Wash Bag Gift Set. This classic print will be a favourite this Christmas and the waterproof linings prevent leaks from all your lovely new smellies! William Morris Golden Lily Wash Bag Gift Set Emma Bridgewater Hearts Wheat Warmer For our Product Development Manager Austin, it's the Emma Bridgewater range that stands out for perfect pressies! Made with real wheat and lavender, these heat packs are a completely natural way to relieve aches and pains and the removable outer cover is machine washable, which is really handy! "Unashamedly pretty and girly, Pink Hearts was inspired by drifts of confetti left on the pavement after a wedding – a sight that infuriates vicars everywhere, but lifts the heart of a born romantic." Emma Bridgewater Emma Bridgewater Hearts Wheat Warmer-520-noths Bamburgh Azure Walking Stick Bag Our Customer Services Manager Jehan recommends this stylish tweed carry case for folding walking sticks, it's really convenient for storing your stick while you're out and about and it's discreet for those who aren't proud to use a cane. Bamburgh Azure Walking Stick Bag-424-small Cathy Parking Permit Wallet Tom, our Operations Manager, has someone in mind for this cute blue badge wallet in the style of Cath Kidston. The floral and fun permit cover comes with a free parking clock and is Hologram-Safe® too, so it won't damage the hologram on your permit. 6-1-16 Blue Badge NOHS and PR shots 7 See our other blog post for even more ideas for gifts for older relatives or friends with disabilities.
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