Drivers be warned! Blue Badge Permits could be rejected by EU countries

Drivers be warned! Blue Badge Permits could be rejected by EU countries

Blue badge holders are being warned that their permits may no longer be accepted in Europe die to the fall out from Brexit 

The government are negotiating the status of the permits - which were recognised when the UK was in the EU, with 11 nations including popular European holiday destinations.

Currently maybe destinations such as France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy are undecided on recognising the blue badge parking permit, which are essential for disabled drivers to travel.

The government website is telling blue badge holders to check directly with the embassy of their destination country for the latest guidance, however most embassies are unable to provide any assurances or advice and disabled drivers may leave themselves open to parking fines if they use their permits in undecided countries. 

The AA motoring group have said that keeping blue badge users in "limbo" was "simply unacceptable". Head of roads policy for the AA, Jack Cousens, said: "Blue badges are issued because of specific health reasons, and to not have their status confirmed two years down the line [after the UK left the EU] is simply outrageous."

A Department for Transport spokesperson for the government has said: "Negotiations on blue badge recognition are ongoing between the UK and individual EU states, and motorists should check our guidance to find out where the blue badge is recognised in the EU."

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