Free RADAR Key With Blue Badge Wallet Orders Before 21st November
Free RADAR Key On Blue Badge Wallet Orders Until 21-11-16 RADAR keys open 9,000+ disabled toilets in the UK

Special Offer!

If you place an order for a uniquely styled disabled parking permit cover between the 18th and 21st November, we'll give you a genuine RADAR key worth £6 absolutely free! To reclaim this offer, all you have to do is purchase a blue badge wallet (or a few!) and we will put a free RADAR key in your parcel, so you don't need to add one to your basket unless you would like to buy another one.

About Blue Heart RADAR Keys

Ergonomically designed for optimum grip and leverage Attractive blue heart fob is not cold to touch Free Blue Badge Company key ring Guaranteed to open all 9,000+ disabled toilets in the UK Made from durable stainless steel 100% genuine and reliable, giving you confidence and peace of mind Have a wonderful weekend!
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