Stocking Fillers for Disabled Children

Eleven Great Ideas for Stocking Filler Presents for Disabled Children

How does it happen every year? One minute Christmas is weeks away, the next it's upon us and it's a mad dash to the present buying finish line! Here's our final gift guide with eleven great stocking fillers for disabled children to help you tie up the loose ends and get Christmas all wrapped up!

Switch Adapted Bright Beats Junior Beat Bo

Interactive noise and lights toy whose switch has been specially adapted to be more accessible to disabled children. STOCKING FILLERS FOR DISABLED CHILDREN

Dolls House Scale Wheelchair

Make your child's doll's house more inclusive by giving one of the residents a wheelchair. Children love to see themselves represented in the world around them, including in their play. Perfect stocking filler for disabled children. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy Dolls House Scale Wheelchairs from Etsy.

    Wheelchair stickers for Planner/Journal

    Brighten up your a dull planner with cute stickers of smiling wheelchairs! STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy Wheelchair Stickers now from Etsy.

      Ergonomic Pencil Holder Grips

      Set of 6 silicone pencil grips to aid children with writing technique. Encourages correct writing posture for the hand whilst being comfortable to wear. Lovely bright colours. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy a set of 6 pencil grips now from Amazon.

      Blue Badge Co Lavender Bag

      Perfect for placing on the pillow at night or hanging on the bedpost. Let the soothing scent of lavender help your child drift into a contented sleep. Can also have a calming effect when the scent is inhaled at any time of the day. Fits in your pocket. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy Lavender bags now from Blue Badge Co

        Chewigem Sensory Geotag Necklace

        Perfect for autistic kids or children with special needs who like to chew. Discreetly serves persons need to chew without looking like a disability aid. Made of medical grade silicone, this tool is suitable for moderate chewers. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy Chewigem necklaces now from Amazon

          Fabric Marble Maze Sensory Toy

          Beautiful, handmade fabric sensory toy. Guide the marble around the maze through the fabric. Perfect for fidgeters. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy fabric marble mazes now from Etsy

            Mini Hot Water Bottle With Owl Print Cover

            Our soft and snuggly Mini Hot Water Bottles are the perfect size for children. Compact enough to slip in a bag or carry around, providing warmth while out and about. Especially handy for wheelchair users. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy mini hot water bottles now from Blue Badge Co.

            Autism Pin Badges

            Simple and adorable sets of badges designed to aid communication and understanding. Silently express what needs to be said. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy a set of 4 autism pin badges now from Etsy.

            Playmobil Child in a Wheelchair Set

            Toy manufactures are slowly catching on to the demand for inclusive toys, representitive of all kinds of people. Here you can introduce a wheelchair-using child into your Playmobil world and see your child's face light up to find themselves represented in their toys. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Buy the Child In a Wheelchair Playmobil set now from Playmobil

            Sensory Blanket

            A sensory playground for the fingers, designed to attach to the side of a wheelchair with velcro straps. This carefully thought out, handmade blanket features a variety of different textured fabrics and keyrings from which to hang chew toys and communication cards. STOCKING-FILLERS-FOR-DISABLED-CHILDREN Although it wasn't the easiest thing to search for, I was pleased with what I found. There were a lot of handmade gifts on Etsy which would make excellent stocking fillers for disabled children, I recommend having a look around for yourself. Also, look at the other things available from Meru who adapt mainstream toys to be more accessible for disabled children. Thanks for reading and a very Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Blue Badge Co.
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