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  • Disabled and Learning to Drive? What You Need to Know

    BLUE_BADGE_CO_CAR_014Learning to drive can be both scary and exciting. A growing sense of freedom ("I can go anywhere!") can combine with a huge sense of responsibility ("I'm in charge of this massive metal machine!"), and anxieties about learning a new skill can also surface, seemingly out of nowhere.

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  • Essential Smartphone Apps for Disabled People

    A smartphone being held in somebody's hand 61% of Brits have a smartphone, and 91% of us always have our phone within arm's reach, so it's no surprise really that some of the most innovative and useful tech inventions in recent years have been smartphone and tablet apps. This has certainly been reflected in the surge in the number of apps available for disabled people to help to track, manage and take control of many different areas of our lives. So, in this post, we're going to look at some popular apps that you will definitely want to know about!

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