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  • Business can either disrupt or be disrupted

    I believe that business can either disrupt or be disrupted. Just because you’ve been disruptive in the past doesn’t mean you won’t be disrupted in the future. At this very moment your company is likely to be either being disruptive or being disrupted.

  • Pretty Good Project | Reviewing Beautiful, Inclusive Design Products

    Life is better when we surround ourselves with beautiful things that aid and assist us in everyday life. Functional can be beautiful, practical can be pretty. The Pretty Good Project seeks out new, inclusive design products which fit this bill.

  • Meet Chloe Ball-Hopkins | Brand Ambassador for Blue Badge Co

    Literally nothing will stop Chloe Ball-Hopkins from living life to its full potential, and she’s had more than her fair share of knock backs. But her fierce will and strident perseverance have seen her rise up, again and again, to pursue her goals and find new ways of succeeding.

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