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Disability Topics

  • Essential Smartphone Apps for Disabled People

    A smartphone being held in somebody's hand 61% of Brits have a smartphone, and 91% of us always have our phone within arm's reach, so it's no surprise really that some of the most innovative and useful tech inventions in recent years have been smartphone and tablet apps. This has certainly been reflected in the surge in the number of apps available for disabled people to help to track, manage and take control of many different areas of our lives. So, in this post, we're going to look at some popular apps that you will definitely want to know about!

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  • Bright, Bold and Bling: Disability Products No Longer Need to be Grey!

    A photograph of a grey crutch against a wet, grey pavement I'm back in the land of grey. But, as you can just see in the corner, my red shoes cheer things up a bit

    As soon as I figured out that I was going to be walking with a crutch in the long term, I knew I had to get one of my own. Because, while I'm forever grateful to the NHS for providing me with crutches in the first place, I quickly tired of how grey they were.

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  • No More Excuses! Accessible High Streets Benefit Everyone

    A photograph of a high street rising up a hill

    “Sometimes I visit restaurants and it seems like they want me out of the way…”

    “The disabled toilets are either used as storage cupboards, or non-existent…”

    “Very often I find that lifts are broken…”

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