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Bean Bag Lap Tray | SALE | Laptop Knee Tray

Bean Bag Lap Tray | SALE | Laptop Knee Tray

Tired of hot knees & awkward angles when using your laptop? Our Bean Bag Lap Tray is Perfect For Laptops!

Although the name laptop suggests you ought to be able to use them resting on your knee, in practice this is very tricky to manage. Your laptop will slide off, overheat and the angle of the screen is all wrong! But have you tried using a Lap Tray?

Our bean-bag lap trays are generously filled to create a safe & stable work surface useful for a wide range of activities including using your laptop computer, on your lap. And the best part? Until 30/6/17 our Lap Trays are ON SALE on our website!

Improve Your Posture

Using a lap tray will improve your posture while working on your laptop and make it much more comfortable. It also helps to combat overheating. Having a solid surface beneath your laptop means that air can circulate much more readily thatn if it were on your lap.


Using a laptop on your knee with a lap tray can be better for your posture than stooping over a desk. It is easy to set your laptop on a table and find yourself bent over it for long periods of time. This position is damaging to your back. You can cause great discomfort and even long term injury if you do it too regularly. Unless you properly position your laptop on a stand for example and use rests for your wrists. Why not make yourself comfortable in your favourite chair with a lap tray on your knee?

Quality, Style & Function

The dimensions of our bean-bag lap trays make them plenty big enough for most laptops. Each tray measures 33 x43 cm and will fit a 15.6" laptop easily. Although there is not space for using a mouse, most laptops these days have very good quality touch pad rendering this unnecessary.BEAN-BAG-LAP TRAY-MULBERRY-PRINT-BLUE-BADGE-COBEAN-BAG-LAP TRAY-OWLS-PRINT-BLUE-BADGE-CO
The surface of the tray is wipe-clean and durable whilst the bean bag is well padded and creates a flat work top on your knee. The frame of the tray creates a low lip which prevents items from falling off. Each design has a frame to compliment the fabric for a really sophisticated look.

Apart from their excellent use as a surface for your laptop, our lap trays have many other uses:

  • Perfect for enjoying breakfast in bed or your morning cup of tea while reading the paper.
  • Ideal for taking lunch or refreshments out to the garden, uneven surfaces instantly become a handy table.
  • Exactly what you need for a TV dinner.
  • A portable surface for writing letters, cards or doing the crossword.
  • Your own personal card table.
  • Ideal for doing small craft projects.

Choose a Design to Suit Your Taste

There are various designs to choose from, all in stylish, high quality printed or woven woven fabrics. The pattern of the tray itself is the same as that of the fabric of the bean bag which creates a stylish and coordinated appearance.

Cushioned Lap Tray Nelly-410-on bed

Cushioned Lap Tray Owls-294-3


These are superb quality laptrays in stylish prints & fabrics which are a joy to own and a real benefit to any household.

And don't forget, until 30th June 2017 they are ON SALE on our website! So SHOP NOW and grab yourself a bargain!

All the best from Blue Badge Co www.bluebadge